5/26/16 This is what happened

Hi, Elizabeth here. I know Maggie mentioned that we are having the stress from Jim because I suspect he had a mild heart attack and refuses medical attention.

This is what happened.

A couple of weeks ago, we got on the plane to Punta Cana, and about an hour into the flight, Jim slumped in his chair. The flight attendants happened to be coming around with drinks at the time. He looked at me and was somewhat disoriented, but his face was completely gray and he was sweating profusely. He said, “I don’t feel good. I don’t….feel good.” I immediately asked the flight attendant for help and the two of us got him up front near the restroom. I asked Jim if he thought he might be having a heart attack.

Jim’s knees buckled and he fainted for a brief few seconds. The flight attendant told me, “I can’t hold him myself” and I told her, “I have him on this side” but Jim regained consciousness. He was very unsteady and while the crew called for medical personnel who might be on the plane, I helped Jim into the restroom. He moved his bowels and felt better shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, a nurse was on board and gave Jim a motion-sickness tablet. The flight crew was considering diverting the plane but when Jim’s color came back to his face, they accepted his “no” and his “no” to having medical personnel on the ground.

Jim insists he had a panic attack. He very well may have. I fear he had a heart attack because he had all the symptoms. It’s been a couple of weeks and he still refuses to go to the doctor, even for my peace of mind and to get me off his back.

I’m depressed and terrified. Jim’s father died of congestive heart failure at the age of 67, I believe. I have done the unthinkable and called Jim’s brother and “told” on him. His brother, John, was very upset and gave Jim a talking-to, but so far, it’s been no good.

I realize that sometimes, men in particular have a hard time asking for help or facing what they perceive to be a weakness. This is a generalization that Jim fits in to. He’d rather “turtle down” than face something like this. All I want is for him to take a stress test or an echo test to see if there was any damage. I am upset and broken hearted at what I think is my husband’s selfishness of not taking care of himself. His brother Larry died of cancer at 62 and left his widow a wreck. I said to John, “Jim is going to do the same thing to me.”

I don’t like drama or making mountains out of molehills but really, all I want is for him to take the test. He has a regular doctor he likes and insurance, so I frankly don’t see what the problem is. I know that if the shoe was on the other foot he’d be screaming down my throat to get my butt to the doc. It just doesn’t seem right, and I’ve been very unhappy.

I’m afraid of everything at this point. We have the upcoming trip to Houston and I would feel so much better if I knew that Jim’s house was in order before we left. I’m afraid of him picking things up, or straining, or any and everything.

This is a very difficult time and Maggie and I may not blog as much as we’d like. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Your (sad) friend, Elizabeth





5/25/16 I am so far behind…

I will probably never catch up, even running on all four legs. I tried to get through the Reader but I think it is hopeless!

I have been watching over Mom, who is very depressed. Mom is sad because she thinks that Dad suffered a mild heart attack (he had all the symptoms; Mom remembered from her CPR class) and now he is refusing medical treatment. Any medical treatment. Mom went and bought a bottle of aspirin so that if something happens she can stuff it in Dad’s mouth and call 911. I wish the male humans weren’t so stubborn. Mom is calling Dad “Widowmaker” and feeling really blue. She says she can’t believe Dad won’t go for a test just to assuage her fears. Fortunately, Mom has me.

We have had a few nice days and I did manage to get out. First, though, we celebrated Erik’s birthday with a nice BBQ and fresh fruit and vegetables. Here is Erik blowing out the candles on his cake:


I don’t know what Erik wished for, but I hope he gets it.

We went on a nice walk and I was amazed at all the geese and goslings, in various stages of growth. It was wonderful to be out in the sun!


We went with some friends to the big outdoor mall and we stopped at a fancy furniture store to rest a bit. Here is Jamie, perched in a modified “bird cage” – looks comfy, huh?


And he’s wearing his pizza shoes!

Woof! Love, Maggie

5/18/16 Four years

Mom’s been feeling blue with all the rain and changes going on around here, so I’ve been busy caring for her.Today the sun is out and she is smiling.

I wanted to let everyone know I had my four year anniversary of being adopted this month. Mom bought me a large package of “dreambone” sticks. They are a rawhide alternative that is safe to eat. She got me the peanut butter ones, which I love!

The shelter is very far away in my mind now. I love my family. Woof!

Love, Maggie

5/12/16 Reservations, please!

It ended up that Mom did not strangle, smother, or slip a knife between Dad’s ribs. In fact, all the reservations and travel arrangements got made with no bloodshed! I’d say that’s pawgress!

As part of her Mother’s Day gift, Mom is going away this weekend to Pheasant Run with her sister. They’ll see a comedy show and spend the night there. Dad made the reservation and surprised Mom with it. She went out and bought him some bakery butter cookies. All is well.

Woof! Love, Maggie

5/11/16 Where Mom Rants and I Hide Under the Table

The tensions are mounting  here at home.

Mom and Dad have been trying to book the trip to NASA for the Robotics Nationals (see my prior post about this) and things are getting a little hairy.

Dad came home for lunch and he and Mom got down to brass tacks, looking at flights and the hotels. The hotels have blocks of rooms saved for this competition at a special rate. The trick is getting one of those rooms. Trickier still is that the teacher is hoping for all the students to be in the same hotel. Naturally, most of the hotels are already booked.

So one thing leads to another, and Mom is encouraging Dad to go ahead and book while there is still a room left. “Calm down!” he snarled. “Just relax!”

Uh-oh. Those dreaded words, in that dreaded tone of voice.

I hid under the table. Mom stiffened and froze as if someone threw a bucket of ice water on her. She thawed pretty quickly, though, and was steaming in a split second. “YOU go ‘relax’ and ‘calm down’!” she snapped back to Dad. Then she said, “I’m out” and stalked from the room. I thought the underside of the table was looking pretty good, so I stayed there.

Dad, however, could not leave well enough alone and provoked Mom further. Finally, she screamed at him, asking why the H.E. double-hockey-sticks did they bother having a ‘Mother’s Day’ if immediately after, they were just going to treat her like sh** anyway?

She told Dad that she is human, and has emotions, and excuse her and sorry if she actually lived life and felt things, unlike (Dad), who was a cold, unemotional, robot without a shred of feelings or human compassion.

Dad left and went back to work. Mom said she was glad to see his backside.

Mom and I headed upstairs for a late afternoon snuggle. Pretty soon, she had to go get Jamie from school. She gave me a nice peanut butter treat, but I figured, heck, she’s ticked off enough, why don’t I jump onto the counter and snatch that bag of chocolate mix they brought back from Punta Cana? So I did. I knocked over a bunch of stuff that was in my way, but secured the bag of chocolate powder. Sniff, sniff!

I didn’t eat too much of the chocolate powder, but I had great fun tearing the bag open, ripping it to shreds, and sprinkling some powder on the rug. Then I licked the rug. Mom came home and soon I was under the table again. She said I could have gotten sick and that I was a BAD DOG. Mom vacuumed up the spill but I still licked the rug for the rest of the night. That seemed to make things worse. Mom fumed all night about being taken for granted and that she was not going to shut up and  be still. She said she’s not a two year old and a lot of other things.

I think Dad is in the doghouse.

Woof! Love, Maggie


5/8/16 Mother’s Day Shenanigans

Today is Mom’s day. We’re going to take her out to dinner, later. But for now, Mom is ruling the roost and we’re doing whatever she says. Why she wants to work today is beyond me. Maybe because it’s such a nice day!

Mom went out and trimmed the bushes, pulled weeds, and raked up all the debris. So she started it, technically.

Dad bagged up all the flotsam and jetsam and started cleaning the garage.

Erik washed Mom’s car and all the patio furniture. He took Mom out for a little ride.

Jamie built a huge firepit (it’s all those years of Lego training) and set it up in the backyard. Then he set up the umbrella and helped Dad finish cleaning up.

While I was out in the backyard with the boys, I noticed something. Green and snaky looking… could it be – the hose?


Oh, ho ho ho! It IS, in fact, the hose! I watched the water:


Then decided to get me some:


What fun on Mother’s Day! Now my fur is all wet, so I think I’ll go inside and take a nap  on the couch. Mom won’t mind!

Woof! Wishing all of you with kids – whether they are human children, or kids with wings, fins, tails, paws, scales, or whatever – a very happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Maggie