7/6/15 The Broken Toe

So, here is the story of Jamie’s broken toe.

Jamie actually broke his toe last week, falling UP the basement stairs.

Mom and Dad were already bunked down for the night when they heard the BOOM! of Jamie solidly hitting the landing. Mom bolted upright and screamed, “JAMIE! ARE YOU OK??” to which Dad rolled over and mumbled, “He’s fine.”

Jamie said afterwards that it felt like he had walked the plank and suddenly the Earth flew up and hit him. He took the rest of the stairs quickly in an attempt to “walk it off”. He then headed to his room and promptly put a sock on, telling Mom, “I’m fine.” Dad mumbled, “See? I told you he was fine.”

Mom said, “That didn’t sound ‘fine’ to me.” I opened a sleepy eye from my spot at the foot of the human bed and thumped my tail when Jamie limped into the room.

Mom de-socked Jamie and looked at the toe. It was swollen, and there was a thin blue line under the toenail of the big toe on his left foot. Mom got the ice pack and Ibuprofin, while Jamie insisted nothing was wrong.

But the toe did not get better and finally Mom had had enough of this sock-foolery. So to the ER Jamie did go, and there the X-Ray revealed a Closed Fracture of the Great Toe.

Here I am, watching over Jamie’s foot:



Doesn’t it look like I am being a good Nanny Dog? He has my undivided attention.

Woof! Love, Maggie

7/5/15 Snuggle

I spent the 4th of July quite safe and happy with my family. Here I am snuggled up with Erik:


Just a quick note today, as my young human Jamie has a broken toe and I am watching over him. This hasn’t been a good year for humans and their feet.

Jamie fell up the stairs and broke the big toe. It was swollen and not getting better, so Dad took him to the doctor this morning and they x-rayed it and found the fracture. They used the buddy taping system to keep the toe stable, but no cast. Mom will take him to the regular doctor tomorrow. He’s on crutches and icing his foot right now.

I will post more when I can. Hope you all had a safe 4th of July!

Woof! Nurse Maggie

7/2/15 I Want To Help!

Today, the humans took all the sheets and pillowcases off their beds and washed everything.

The house was alive with the smell of Gain and Downy! I sniffed the air appreciatively.

Naturally, with all the activity, I wanted to help.


I figured I was helping Mom by keeping the pillows warm.

Then we moved on to Jamie’s room. I sprawled formally across his unmade bed:


We are still working on the train room, and we are making an addition to the train table. We put in the roll of carpet (which will be used after we get the plywood home; it’s 4’X8′ and won’t fit in Zeus the Fiat). I, of course, was interested immensely in the new table and tried to jump on it as a display of my enthusiasm:


I would have made it, too, if Mom hadn’t put her hand out. Foiled again!!

Now the beds are made and smelling great. I (almost) can’t wait til bedtime!

Woof! Your helpful friend, Maggie

6/29/15 Pulling Weeds, and Further Pawgress!

From what I have heard the humans discussing, this June 2015 has been the cloudiest, most gloomiest June on record. Not to mention that it has rained like, every day and the backyard is flooded. Which does not make my life easy as you can imagine!

There was a little sunshine yesterday morning, and Mom marshaled the troops outside to pull weeds, cut down errant little trees (that spring up from those helicopter-thingies), and trim bushes. I got to go out in front with the humans, and watch them groan and sweat. Mom said that at first the sun felt good on her back but that got old quickly. Nonetheless, they were happy it was sunny for the first half of the day, and got a lot of work done. Dad says the house doesn’t look like a “foreclosure” anymore, and they all took a dip in the pool afterwards.


sniff, sniff! goodbye, weeds.

Today dawned grey and gloomy and naturally, it rained for most of the day. Since Dad went to work early this morning, Jamie and Mom “sucked it up” and finished cleaning out what is now the train room. Here is a panoramic view of the train room before the trains are added.


The shelving that is to your left will hold train cars. Locomotives may be too heavy, as this was a DIY project with some pieces of plastic gutter. Quite clever, actually; the humans found the idea on Facebook.

The green table jutting out to the right is the train table proper. Jamie would like to add another, under the window, where the bed used to be, and join them with a trestle bridge. He also has the entire floor for his Lionel Fastrack, and the closet for airplanes.

I’m very proud of my humans for working so hard and getting the job done on schedule. It is amazing to think that one could barely walk in that room a week ago, and now the whole place is empty and clean.

I will post pictures when Jamie sets up his trains.


Love, Maggie the Engineer

6/26/15 I’ve Only Done What They Asked Me To Do

Yesterday, Mom and Jamie met some New People. They went over by the New People’s house.

Mom came back sad. She said that I was brought up during their conversation. She said that the husband shook his head and said, quote, “I would never love or trust a Pit.” Many people feel the same.

Mom stroked my back and told me she said to him that I was loving, loyal, and a good girl. Sure, I have my issues. Who doesn’t?

In all my life, I’ve only done what they asked me to do. The humans who abused me before. The humans who took care of me at the Shelter. And the humans I have now. Yet, I am feared, I am discriminated against. Who made me this way?

The long-time-ago humans took me from my mother when I was just a puppy. When I was very young, they made me have puppies, then they took them, too, and kicked me out. Into the snow. You know what Chicago winters are like. Not even people from Alaska want to come here in December and January. But there I was, on the street, with my naked pink paws and thin, thin coat.

It’s not my fault I wasn’t socialized with other animals. It’s not my fault I was kept in a cage. In all my life, I’ve just wanted the humans to love me. I have lived to please. I remember when the man from the Shelter shook Mom’s hand and said, “You’re taking Maggie? She’s such a people person.”

I’m a people person. And I dream of the day when me and my kind have an equal chance like other dogs.

Woof! Love, Maggie (a little bit sad)


6/25/15 Collector or Hoarder?

The cleaning in the spare room continues.

Mom is trying to keep this overwhelming job doable by cracking it up into smaller chunks. Mom and Jamie devise a “game plan” for the day, decide exactly what they are going to go through, and set a time limit to do it in.

Today, Jamie and Mom tackled The Big Lego Bin, Games, and Cars.


You see, the Big Lego Bin had been acting as a “catch all” for Lego parts, half-destroyed Lego creations, and Lego people that had become separated from their environments. So, Jamie and Mom sat on the floor and placed all the large pieces in plastic gallon Ziploc bags, then moved on to the small, itty-bitty pieces and bagged them up, then on to the people. Mom had specific feelings for the Lego people, and didn’t want any left behind or thrown away in the confusion. I think she’s seen “The Lego Movie” one time too many!

Mom and Jamie then placed all the bags of Legos neatly in the bin, and moved it to the corner of the room.

Jamie then went through his games, rubber-banding the boxes of the ones he was donating (Mom was in charge of the donations bag), and stacking the others he was keeping neatly in the hallway for the time being. I went exploring where the games had been.


I’ve actually never seen this part of the room before.

Mom and Jamie took a much-needed break for a refreshing beverage and then went back to work.

The humans moved on to Cars. Cars, cars, everywhere. They placed all the loose cars they could find in a bin to be stored neatly away, under the bed. Mom said not to put the car bin away yet, though, since they have more sorting and organizing to do tomorrow, and she is sure they will find more cars:


Dizzying, isn’t it? Jamie has been hanging on to some of these cars since he was about 3. I’m sure there are some collector’s items in there, but he’s not parting with anything! Hence my question: Collector or Hoarder? There is still a lot of work that remains!!


PLEASE tell me we are done for the day!

Woof! Love, Maggie