11/30/15 Mixed Nuts

(backstory: Dad has a container of mixed nuts he’s been noshing from).

I’m cuddled up with the humans, watching a classic Christmas movie (A Christmas Story). It’s a funny movie, and I’m relaxed and enjoying myself.

Dad suddenly asks Mom: “Sweetie, have you seen my nuts?”

Mom: “Not in years, dear.”

“No, I mean I can’t find my can.”

(Mom falls over on my chair, laughing). “I haven’t seen that for awhile, either!”

These humans. Mixed nuts.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/29/15 Black Friday Flood

I told you I had a lot to say about the last few days. So here goes with the Black Friday events; the day after Thanksgiving.

From what I understand, “Black Friday” is an accounting term, wherein the profits are written in black and the losses in red. Hence, lots of sales = lots of revenue and lots of, I guess, black ink. Everyone goes shopping, and that’s lots of profit.

Erik left our Thanksgiving dinner to go Black Friday shopping in the wee hours of the morning. Mom and Dad had proudly showed the tiki bar to Uncle John and his wife, and we spent some time down there.


In an odd foreshadowing, the guests asked Mom why she had the floor unfinished. Mom replied that the sump pump is tricky and sometimes rain water gets downstairs. Until that was fixed, she didn’t want to do anything to the floor.

Mind you, Mom had mentioned to Dad twice that she didn’t hear the sump pump going, but with the holiday and all its festivities, I guess Dad forgot to check it. It had rained quite hard, and all the snow was gone.

The next morning, (Black Friday), Mom and Jamie were upstairs preparing for the day when Erik arrived from his bedroom (downstairs) and announced that The Basement Had Flooded. Dad had already left for work, and was the recipient of Mom’s angry phone call regarding this.

We all went downstairs for disaster relief and got to work. The boys moved furniture, got the shop-vac and towels, and Mom knocked the sump pump around to see if she could choke it back to life. No dice. Erik tried. Not going to happen, either. Finally, Erik said to Mom, “Look, it’s starting to rain, the pit is overflowing, we just have to take this into our own hands. I’ll check prices and go to the hardware store to pick up a new pump. You look up videos to see how to reinstall one. Jamie will come with me.”

That sounded like a plan, so the humans put all their money together and bought the best sump pump they could find. Mom viewed the tutorials and removed the pump while the boys were at Ace. Dad came home as they were reinstalling the new pump.

The new pump worked like a champ. In just a few minutes all the water was draining and cleanup commenced. Erik had also chipped in and purchased a new shop-vac, and that worked really well. Jamie ran up and down the stairs, dumping the buckets of rain water, set up fans and a dehumidifier, and basically was the point guy. I supervised all the running around, and tried not to step in the 2″ of water by the tiki bar. Dad went back to work.

After an exhausting four hours, the ordeal was over.

Mom said she was extremely grateful that the Black Friday Flood did not happen while we had company over. And she insists that we get a battery backup for the sump pump in the next week. Dad agreed, then took everyone out to dinner.

Needless to say, Mom didn’t get any shopping done!

Woof! Love, Maggie




11/27/15 Thanksgiving

Well, there certainly has been a lot going on this week.

We had the funeral for Grandma as you know, and I did my part by patiently waiting in my crate. It was the least I could do.

The next day or two brought forth a frenzy of cleaning and shopping. Thanksgiving was beckoning, and Dad had invited his brother and his family over to the house for dinner. Mom said I was going to have a special treat – meeting my nephews, aged 9 and 5.

Mom was a frenzy of worry. Not because of the housecleaning or cooking. She’s pretty much got that on lockdown. She was worried about the nephews, whom are noted for being terrors. Mom didn’t know how I would act around boisterous and aggressive children. I put my nose in her palm to tell her not to worry but of course, she didn’t listen.

Finally the doorbell rang. “Get the dog on the leash!” Mom hollered. Dad clicked the leash on my collar and presented me to the family. Of course, I greeting everyone with a whirling tail and lots of kisses. I admit I tried to jump, but Dad held me back.

Mom explained to the boys that the way to pet a dog is not to go over the top of the head, but to offer one’s hand below the chin. She told them that several times, but they still poked at my head, then jumped sky-high. I should mention, the boys are “cat people” and have two at home. So they were definitely not used to a 60 pound dog.

I patiently let them have their hijinks, and soon they were involved in a video game. I wandered (supervised, still on the leash) from adult to adult kissing and wagging hello. Then suddenly all the grownups got busy filling the chafing dishes that were on a long table. The next thing I knew, everyone was eating.

I took my usual place near Mom and begged a few scraps. Mom had waited to feed me so that I could have some leftovers with my kibble. Mom and Dad had brined a turkey and roasted a beef, but the star of the show was Dad’s hot tofu dish that everyone raved over and Uncle John could not get enough of. The tofu is Mom’s favorite holiday meal, but she ate lightly yesterday, saying that she was “saturated” from cooking so much.

Mom got little pieces of roast beef from everyone’s plate, and a small piece of turkey, and I feasted, too. It was delicious. I didn’t get any tofu, because Mom said she didn’t think that would agree with me.

Dad suggested Uncle John and he take me for a walk. I was delighted. They didn’t even use the “prong”. We went for a mile hike. I came home tired, but the company Sat and Stayed.


Hoo, boy, I was exhausted. I finally shoved some of the humans over and took Dad’s usual spot on the couch and just crashed. Everyone watched the football game (our team won), but the boys played a video game and kept themselves amused. Mom and Dad had bought crafts and clay for the kids, but they were too interested in their car chase to do any of that.

Finally, the big game was over, and one by one, the company drifted out. I missed saying goodbye to some of the family because I was sleeping, but I got up and yawned lazily to kiss Mike and Angel bye.

Erik went out shopping for Black Friday, and we finally hit the bed. It was great to see everyone. And of course, we all drank a toast to Grandma.

Woof! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Love, Maggie





11/25/15 Saying Goodbye to Jim’s Mom

Hello, Elizabeth here. Seems like Maggie has been away from the blog forever. She said to tell you she has lots to say in the upcoming days, because death does not stop life, and Maggie is definitely living.

We were up at 5 a.m. to prepare for the combination wake/funeral for Jim and John’s mom Therese yesterday. The funeral home was about an hour away , and we had to be there early to set up the memorial boards. The wake started early, at 8:00 a.m, and went for two and a half hours.

We were surprised to see so many people who took time out of their day to drop by, look at the pictures, share a memory, and pay their respects. It was sad, and funny, and touching, each in turn.

John gave a sweet eulogy about Therese, and how she always supported her children, especially the two boys who were stricken with Muscular Dystrophy. (I mentioned in a previous blog that they passed in their (very) early 20’s.)

At 10:30 a.m. a Deacon came, and held a short service. He said the words we are all familiar with, and that was comforting. There is something to be said for ritual.

My boys Mike, Erik, and Jamie, were called upon to serve as pallbearers for their grandmother. They showed their respect and did this with love and grace. We then took Therese on the long ride to the cemetery, where a Chapel service was held. The Deacon again officiated, and afterward, Jim led the funeral guests to the banquet hall where lunch was to be served.

John stayed behind, to tuck his mom in one more time, and make sure the burial went off without a hitch. My heart ached for him that he and his wife had this sad duty to bear; but both men could not stay at the cemetery. John and his wife joined us not much later at the banquet hall, and we visited, and celebrated Therese’s 90 years of life.

Today, we are preparing to have family over tomorrow for the Thanksgiving meal. I am truly grateful and thankful for my family. We pulled together during the tough times, and I am proud of them.

Maggie and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you as well for your kind words and comments regarding the passing of Therese.

Maggie is scheduled back just as soon as she can. Tomorrow she is going to meet her little nephews for the first time, and I’m sure she will have a LOT to tell you. Thank you again so much for your support at this time.







19 Years

Funny thing, how love is.

Grandpa died November 24, 1996 – 19 years ago.

Grandma will be buried November 24, 2016.

I truly believe Grandpa wanted Grandma back after waiting 19 years.

Love is eternal.

Your friend, Liz

11/21/15 The Snow Comes Down

The snow comes down with intent and purpose. It colors the yard in shades of cold and quiet. I do not want to go outside.


Dad and Uncle John are concluding their sad business at the funeral home for Grandma. Mom and Jamie have been working in the kitchen while Dad is gone.

I think I have the right idea for a day like today.


For those of you in cold weather climates, like me, keep warm and snuggly.

Woof! Love, Maggie