3/30/15 Timberrrrr!

Today was an interesting day. There were human men climbing up the trees in the woods that back up to our house.

We could hear their buzzing saws early. Mom had opened the windows to let in some fresh air, and she let the noise in, too. (Yesterday, it was hailing. Today, it was beautiful. Go figure).

I perched myself on the side of the human bed where I could keep a close eye on the activity. Mom thought they were going to cut the whole tree down. She said, “Maggie, I hope they don’t disturb the Feral Cat Sanctuary!” But, as you can see from this picture, they did not.


They also did not cut down the whole tree. Just trimmed the branches. I think they were from the utility company.

There were many men outside, and we could hear them from our room, talking in mixed English and Spanish, whistling, laughing. Bzz! Bzz! Bzz! They were very busy until about lunchtime. Then they all went away.

About an hour later, they came back and moved on to a different area. I thought for sure they were coming in the yard this time, and I stood at the kitchen window, with my hackles raised and a few soft but serious, “Woofs” to warn them away. Mom patted me and said everything would be fine, and I turned my head and smiled at her, wagging my tail, and put my hair down again.

Finally, I’d had enough of sentry duty and curled up and took a nap. By that time, all the workers had left the woods.

Woof! Love, Maggie

3/28/15 Jamie’s Incredible Flying Machines

Jamie loves to play with toys that whirr, zoom, and zip around.

He’s got model trains, model airplanes, remote-control cars, and now…a drone.

Jamie used to have helicopters, but I became quite proficient in jumping up and snatching them out of the air when he would attempt to land. Mom really didn’t mind the destruction of the helicopters, because she said they made a noise like a dental drill, which gave her the heebie-jeebies (whatever those are).

The drones are a completely different story.

Much quieter than the helos, Jamie has become adept and flying the drone around the house and hovering it maddeningly over my head. Naturally, this gets me VERY excited and wound up. If I can’t reach the drone, you can bet I can reach a shoe or boot. Then it’s a hot sprint up the stairs and down the hallway. The game is afoot! Woof!

Usually, Mom comes to the rescue and puts everything in order. Then the drone is packed off until the next time that my young human is feeling “teasy”. Even though I snatch some footwear, Mom usually takes my side in these escapades, saying that Jamie, “drove me to it”.

Another fun time is paper airplane flying. Jamie likes to make up his own designs out of scrap paper, and fly them around. Jamie throws the paper airplane and I watch it gracefully loop-the-loop. Then I spring forward and grab it and tear it to pieces! Who needs a shredder? Maybe Jamie should launch that pile of bills Mom has sitting on the counter. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore, right?

Woof! Love, Maggie


3/27/15 The Moors in the Morning

Although we live in the US, Mom often feels very “English” in the morning. When she takes me out around 6:30 a.m., it’s grey and misty. She puts on her coat and her Wellington boots and off we go to squish around on the moors – er, in the backyard.

Once outdoors, we spied one of the black feral cats resting on the neighbor’s fence:


Then, we squelched around to the front, where we saw our geese on the pond:


These quick, morning walks around the house set both of our minds at ease. It’s a peaceful way to start the day.

Woof! Love, Maggie

3/23/15 Dirty Trick

Spring cleaning on a 70 degree day

But soon the sun would go away

Mother Nature played a dirty trick

And sent us snow, five inches thick.

I saw the slips of tulips, green

And thought this trick was really mean.

The cloudy sky was dark and grey

So we slept the day away

Mom and I, curled up together

On the couch, bonded furever.


Woof! Love, Maggie

3/22/15 A Big Saturday

We had a big Saturday. Mom and Jamie worked hard around the house to get things ship-shape. Between painting, washing the floor and windows, and doing some work in the yard, the humans exhausted themselves. It was no mean feat to get the dog nose slobber off that middle window, let me tell you!

While Jamie and Mom washed windows outside, I took a walk on the tether:


It was nice to see the grass starting to turn green! Unfortunately, the weatherman says we may get some slight snow Monday. I hope not!

Jamie went out in front to place the solar lights in. While he was out there, he broke up some bread and fed it to the geese. They are now great friends. I used to bark at the geese, but I understand we are friends now. Jamie says he knows where their nest is and is keeping an eye on it. I’m proud of him for that.


Dad came home from work and got right to hanging the curtain rod and curtains in the dining room. The funny thing I’ve noticed though, is that Dad just starts working. Mom will check to see what tools she needs, and lay everything out first. Dad dives right in and then hollers at anyone who is around, “Get me a pencil! Get me my tape measure! Where’s my drill bits? Someone get me coffee.”

This drives Mom bananas. I think it is very funny.

I helped Dad with the hanging of the curtains:


Well, I guess staying out of the way is helping. Dad drove Mom nuts, but in the end he got the curtains hung and she was very appreciative.

Mom took this picture of the dining room when it was finished.


I think the humans will rest tomorrow. But you never do know!

Woof! Love, Maggie