…Thank you so much, and for those that are new, WELCOME.

This simple, shelter dog is humbled beyond belief. I will strive to continue to give you a quality blog that is suitable to share with your families.


Love, Maggie


2/26/15 I Wonder if the Cats Are OK

I had the best day.

Mom was home nearly all day. She only went out for a short period of time, so I spent the day sleeping on the human bed, on my chair, on my blanket, in short, around the whole house, without fear of “the crate”. (I do have to be crated when left alone due to extreme anxiety).

Mom and I also played a fierce game of tug-o-war, and I got lots of loving today. Mom says this is going to become the norm since she is leaving her job at the liberry. She is going to stay home and write and love me. I am so happy! I have come very far from the cage at the shelter.

The day started out with the much-missed sun shining. I slept on the bed in the sunshine and just basked. Mom rubbed my belly and told me I was a good girl. Then she wandered downstairs and eventually cleaned the house. I supervised, but did not try to chase Vacuum Cleaner today.

I was on the alert for the feral cats. They showed up, sunning themselves in a corner of the yard that isn’t packed with snow. However, they are clever. Because to get to the spot they chose, one would have to plow through a lot of snow. So they are smart!

I was shocked when Mom took them out a plate of food. At first, the cats just watched her. But she slipped and the sudden movement made them disperse. Mom left the food in the corner and told me that, under no circumstances, am I to go out and bother the kitties. Hmph! I stood guard against these creatures by the window, and slowly they slinked back to get some chow:


There are two black cats, two black-and-whites, and a huge, fluffy, grey tabby. The cats just seem to look at me except the grey, who fluffed himself up as big as possible and ran for it. The others don’t move regardless of how much I bark through the window.

By evening, it started snowing again. Mom took me out back and was pleased when she tugged at my collar and I obeyed her. I would have run off by the woods to check for the cats, but I didn’t. “Hurry, up, go potty!” Mom said, the cold flakes snaking down the back of her neck and making her shiver. I shivered too, and hurried up. I was grateful for the warmth of the well-lit kitchen when we were done.

Now I am back home, and getting ready to sleep on my chair. But in the back of my mind I am thinking of the cats, and wondering if they are OK out in the snow.

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/23/15 The First Wave (of Cats!)

I’m lying on Mom and Dad’s human bed when I suddenly sit up. My Pittie sense is tingling!

I look out the window and what do I see? The first wave of feral cats, sitting in MY yard, watching their friend tracking a bird or mouse or whatever!!!


Mom and Jamie coaxed me off the bed and gave me a treat. Because I was really mean-mugging those cats! Although they couldn’t see me. I was on the second floor. Still!

I got the treat and padded around to the front of the house to look out the dining room window. Who do I see, sitting in FRONT of MY house, blithely staring back at me while I bark my head off:


Uh-huh! Sending spies – the second wave – to see if Mom is actually going to produce some tuna fish, no doubt!!!

I blocked the door.

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/22/15 Feral Cats!

I could not believe my eyes today when I looked out the window and saw that the house – MY house – was surrounded by feral cats!

They must have a family out there in the woods. I saw two black and whites like this one:


and a huge gray with some tabby markings (I mean these cats are large):


But the surprising thing was a very large black cat that was perched on the neighbor’s fence. Reminded me very much of “Andy and Dougy” – very silky looking. I swear, it was there to snag a bird out of the bare tree. I mean, the cats have to eat! Mom wants to put out some tuna fish but she is worried if they come too close to the yard I might get them.

Here was the black cat – and then, when he got what he wanted, he was gone in a flash:



I spent the morning watching out of the window to make sure that the cats did not encroach the barrier into my yard:


I am on Border Patrol! Woof! Love, Maggie

2/19/15 A Special Hello

I wanted to say a special hello to a little girl that I will call, “Ry”. She was worried she wouldn’t hear any more Maggie stories, but I wanted to send her out a tail wag and let her know there would be plenty more of them coming. Woof! And thanks for reading to everyone!

I had a great day today. I didn’t have to spend too much time in the crate, and when Jamie and Mom came home, we had rousing play of “gimme dat” with the new toy. We played for a very long time. The humans would hide, and I would try to keep the toy all to myself. Then they would jump out and chase me. When one of the humans got the toy, we had a lovely tug o’ war. I love that game! We played until my belly was pink from exertion and I was drooling. Then we all had a cool drink. You can see that I am all smiles:


You can also see where I’ve torn the fabric off the tennis ball. Woof! Mom says I have made, “great, great strides” because when they first adopted me, I was somewhat aggressive about guarding my toys. Now I know that if one of my humans takes my toy, they are going to give it back. So sometimes I will even allow Jamie to take a toy from my mouth. No growling. Mom almost cries when she sees this. She says, “Maggie has grown so much!”

Mom and Jamie are trying hard to keep me exercised and happy, because it is bitterly, bitterly cold outside. The wind was about -30 today, and Mom is beginning to despair that we will never see Spring.

The snow is…weird. It has a film of thin ice crystals on it, and when we do got outside, it crunches like Styrofoam. Sometimes, the snow supports my weight, but other times, I go crashing right through it and land up to my belly in the freezing flakes. I tell you, it is not easy on me. I do my beeswax and make a run for the back door pronto!

Where the sun does not shine next to the house, there is a thick coating of ice. I had to congratulate myself that, when Mom took me out, I DID see the rabbit in the woods, and DIDN’T take off like a Husky pulling a sled. Mom was attached to the other end of my leash, and surely she would have fallen on that ice! I was aware of that, and protected my human. Mom gave me a treat when we got inside.

Now, I think it is time to curl up on my chair and snore loudly. What a fun day I have had!

Woof! Love, Maggie