5/20/13 Laurel Time

Laurel came and played with me for a very long time today.  That was really good, I must have needed the exercise, because when Mom went out this morning for just a little while, I basically ransacked the house.  Was she ever mad!  Mom told Dad that if she ever leaves the house, I have to be forced into the crate because I am getting destructive now that I am more comfortable in the house.  That doesn’t sound too good. 

Since Mom and Jamie had to go someplace called “the gym”, Laurel came to keep me company.  She loves to play, and is very patient.  Laurel watched me very closely and made sure we both had lots of water because it was so hot.  Once I was tired and could think straight, we worked on “commands”.  We worked on, “Come here, Maggie”, and “Sit”.  Once we got into the cool house, we worked on, “Lay down”.  I was happy to lay down and take a long nap.  I think Laurel is coming tomorrow.  I’ll be happy to see her again!

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