6/4/13 On Being A Pitbull


(Me, with a Rawhide, my favorite)

Mom is very excited about teaching me sports, like catching the Frisbee and Fetch, because as I’ve mentioned, I’m a real good jumper and very fast runner.  But Laurel says we’ve got to work a few things out first.  Primarily, because I’m the breed known as a Pitbull.

See, when I get real happy and playful, I like to nibble and chew lightly (some call it, “mouthing”, lots of dogs do it, especially puppies) on the people I’m playing with.  Some of it is grooming behavior that dogs do to other dogs.  But, when you’re a Pitbull, like Laurel says, “The last thing people want when they first meet your dog is for it to put its mouth on you, especially if it’s a Pitbull.”  Sad, but true, that behavior people would consider “cute” in Chihuahuas and Poodles and Labradors and any other breed would not fly with me.  But there it is.  So, my owners have to break me of this habit.  It’s really hard, trust me; because it’s natural dog behavior.

The other thing is the jumping.  If other breeds of dogs jump up on a person, their reaction normally ranges from, “Oh, cute” to being annoyed.  Not so with my breed!  No one wants a Pitbull jumping on them.  Automatically, we’re biting someone’s face off.  Or going for the jugular.  Even if we’re just trying to give you a sloppy kiss.  So, before I can learn to play with the Frisbee, I’ve got to control my jumping, and re-learn it for sport.  My new parents are excited.  But they and Jamie and Laurel and I have a lot of work ahead.

It’s not easy being a Pitbull.  We get a lot of bad press.  I’m not going to apologize for bad dogs of any breed.  But I’m not going to apologize for bad owners, either, who mishandle dogs and make a bad dog problem worse.  That’s not what this blog is about. 

You should see the looks my owners get when they tell people they have an American Staffordshire Terrier.  When the lightbulb goes on and people think, “Pitbull”, they usually get a horrified look on their faces.  Please, I’m a lover, not a fighter.  I’m a high-energy dog who loves sports and playing and my family and Rawhides and belly rubs and licking you all over your face and hands til you tell me to stop it.  Don’t judge me til you know me.  “It’s the deed, not the breed.”  Please.

26 thoughts on “6/4/13 On Being A Pitbull

  1. pitbullfostermomma

    Hi Maggie!
    I’ve been browsing through your blog and really enjoying it! We own 3 pit bulls and have fostered 7 pits in the last year. Our dogs have had to learn the same things that you are learning: no mouthing, no biting, etc., for the same reasons. Our third adoptee is very mouthy and it is hard work teaching him not to be mouthy to the new people he meets. But with hard work and patience he is coming along.
    I look forward to reading more about your progress! Give your humans some lovin’–they deserve it for opening their hearts and homes not just to a shelter dog, but to a pittie! 🙂

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    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Thank you so much for your visits and kind words! I’m glad you are enjoying the site! I’ll try hard to keep it quality! Hope to see you soon! Woof! Love, Maggie

  3. Domenic Castellonese

    Es gibt so viele Menschen, die haben einfach nicht jeder Wert hinzugefügt, um dem OP Arbeit hinzuzufügen, so versuchen Sie bitte, eine konstruktive Diskussion zu diesem Beitrag bringen. Ich weiß, ich bin nichts zu tun mit diesem konstruktiven Beitrag, aber ich wollte Ihnen sagen, Jungs darüber.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      You are right. A lot of people don’t have anything constructive to say. I think it’s always best to look at both sides before making a decision. Thank you so much for writing and visiting my site! I hope you will come back and visit me again. Woof! Love, Maggie

  4. Cherise Rhondes

    ‘Grazie per questo blog. Questo è tutto quello che posso dire. Tu sicuramente hai fatto questo blog in qualcosa questo è l’apertura degli occhi e importante. Sai chiaramente così tanto su questo argomento, youve coperto tante basi. Grandi cose da questa parte di Internet. Ancora una volta, grazie per questo blozSg. “

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Grazie to you for stopping by to read. I appreciate your kind words and comments. I hope you will come back to visit again! Woof! Love, Maggie

  5. Prince Neubaum

    Tú eres grande con las palabras. Estoy seguro de que trabajó muy duro en este artículo, y se nota. Estoy de acuerdo con mucho de su material. Lo disfruté y me volveré a por más.

  6. cb

    cb here getting caught up kinda randomly. I have a story you will enjoy. I hang out with the neighbors in the two houses west of me and across the street after work sitting in front yard drinking beer, Hank Hill style. One day when I wasn’t there a big black pit bull mix (or maybe pure?) puppy wandered up all tail wagging “hey guys can I be your friend too?” I say puppy cause he still acts young but he is a big dog. So the farthest neighbor keeps him for the night to find owner. Well several years later he still has him. Guess what he named him?… “Zee” or maybe it is just “Z”. As god is my witness, I only just realized this. That is not the funny part.

    I think that the first time I met him I kinda stooped down to see him. Kind of squatting on my feet. He came over licking my face and put his paws on my shoulders unbalancing me. I saw what was coming but I couldn’t stop it, I was laughing so hard. Like a slow motion train wreck he managed to slowly roll me over licking my face and me laughing hysterically because I saw it comming but I was powerless to stop it. I ended up on the ground with him lying on top of me.

    Reading this post just made me remember it.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      cb, that was a wonderful story. I feel bad that you are allergic to dogs. You obviously like them very much, and they like you, too. I’m going to give you a cyber-lick now, I promise it’s hypoallergenic (places paws on screen and licks like mad) Woof! Love, Maggie

  7. cb

    I love doggies, the bigger the better, but my eyes get all watery and I start sneezing. It’s miserable. So I just love others people’s, then I can go home change clothes and shower if need be. I am sure that would just love to roll around on the ground playing with you.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      omgosh, did you spend all night looking up the Maggie blog??!! I am completely blown away and actually feel that I am without words…perhaps a few barks will suffice. cb, thank you so much, your support really means a lot to me. I am still new to the blogging community and really try to put out a quality post while keeping it clean for anyone to read. Also, since I am a dog and only see the best in people, I try to convey that as well…sometimes, that is hard to do (like yesterday, when Grandma hit me in the head with a newspaper because I went near her – Mom had a fit. I haven’t seen her lose her temper like that in a looooong time – anyway…) You must be so tired today from all the reading. Thank you again. And I understand about allergies because as a white dog with pink skin, I am allergic to just about everything. When my nose turns all red Mom knows I’m having a bad day. However, I’m just going to pretend we are going on a long cyber-walk through the field. Ok? Woof!


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