6/6/13 Pet “Surprises” (Reposted 4/17/14)


I learned about fish tanks today.  Those bright things that swim around in the wet squares are goldfish, and we have two tanks of them.  One is a giant tank in the dining room, and one is a smaller tank in the kitchen.  They have a Vacuum Cleaner that doesn’t make noise, and Mom uses this to clean out the Fish Surprises from the tank.

This education came about innocently enough after Mom was in the backyard, cleaning up Dog Surprises with the Take Out Bags.  However, one of the bags failed her, having a hole in it, and while Jamie and I were playing Fetch, I suddenly heard Mom yell, “Aaargh!  Dog Surprise!” and run into the house for disinfectant soap.  Fortunately, Moms don’t get grossed out very easily.

However, later on, Mom had to clean out the small fish tank.  And the Quiet Vacuum Cleaner slipped out.  Twice.  Splashing all over the kitchen floor.  Jamie and I were in the backyard, and I heard Mom yell, “Aaargh, Fish Surprise!” and run to the laundry room for Mop and Lysol.  Curious, I ran into the house and was delighted to find a new pond right in the middle of the kitchen, so I splashed around in it a little bit, while Mom shrieked and screamed for me to, “Get the heck out of the Fish Surprise, you Silly Dog!”

So now I know what a fish tank is!  Surprise!

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