6/17/13 Spam

I like Spam when Mom fries it up and serves it with rice and pineapple, like she used to eat it when she was stationed on Oahu when she was in the Navy.

I mention Spam because a nice person sent me a Comment written in German, and it ended up in my Spam folder, and while I was trying to move and translate it, I accidentally deleted it.  I’m very, very sorry.  My paws are bigger than your fingers and sometimes, I am clumsy.

I read all my comments and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to write.  I love when you send me your stories.  I am always humbled and grateful to any and everyone who reads my blog.  I try to get back to everyone ASAP – As Soon As Puppy.

So thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time to write to me!  And if I accidentally deleted your comment, again, I really apologize.  Woof!



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