7/3/13 Fever

Jamie took ill while Mom went out.  Fortunately, Dad was home to call Mom to come back.  Jamie had lay down to rest, which is very unusual for him.  It was so odd that I followed him into the bedroom.  The fever hit and Jamie lay still and quiet on the bed, not moving a bit.  I stayed at the foot of the bed, watching him.  I growled low in my throat. 

Dad came in and Yow!  Burning up.  Then came the headache and vomiting.  That’s when Dad called Mom and she came home pronto!  Mom did all the Mom Stuff and in a few hours, Jamie was back up on two legs, a little wobbly, but back up just the same.  I stayed close by in case Jamie or Mom needed me.  I did not go downstairs and sit by Grandma even though she was eating.  And I did not “flash mob” Mom when she sat on the floor outside of the bathroom, waiting for Jamie to cool down in the tub.  Instead, I stretched out on the carpet with her.  I could feel the stress in the air.

After Jamie felt better, we all heaved a sigh of relief.  I got a couple of treats and let myself out in the backyard.  As I walked out, I heard Jamie say, “You got home fast, Mom!” “I put the Fiat in sport mode and drove like Frank in The Transporter!” Mom laughed.

Kinda glad I wasn’t along for that ride!

Love, Maggie


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