7/10/13 Finally, Playtime!


(Roughhousing with my tennis ball, evening)

FINALLY, the sun made an appearance today and I had a blast!  Practically the whole day was playtime.  I romped around in the backyard, chased the stick, played with my rubber pretzel (Mom cannot catch me!), slept in the shade, and watched over my humans swimming in the pool, which is too deep for me to go in.  Then Laurel came over and we took a long walk.  I was so glad to see her again! 

I took a nap and then in the evening, Mom broke out the toys and the tennis ball.  In between were lots of belly rubs.  I think everyone was in a great mood because of the sunshine.  I know I was!

Laurel did mention something when she came over that I wanted to pass along to you.  The South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights is, at the present time, waiving all their adoption fees for anyone looking to pick up a pet.  They need to clear the shelter.  They are also selling cages, from what I understand.  So if you’re looking for that special companion animal, and you live in Chicagoland or close to it, now is a great time to pick one up.

While I was walking with Laurel, Jamie and Mom went to the gym to see Mo.  Then Mom dropped Jamie off at basketball, and now he is home, a stinky, sweaty, lovable human for me to focus all of my attention on.  Too bad he will soon take a shower and wash off the good smells.  You know, we dogs like different scents than you humans.  For example, I cannot understand why Mom washes the floor as soon as it starts smelling good, like leftover food and dog behind and hair.  Just as soon as things get interesting, she comes along with Mop and Disinfectant.  Phew!

Speaking of the floor, there was one nice big juicy piece of home-made peach pie in the glass pie dish on the counter.  Dad dropped it on the floor and it smashed and shattered all over.  Naturally, I was in the kitchen with him (at my spot by the sink) when the dish fell and was destroyed.  Dad kind of stood there holding my collar because he didn’t want me to walk in the glass and cut my foot.  Mom came in and picked me up and carried me out of the kitchen, then Jamie took me outside when that horrible Vacuum Cleaner came out and cleaned up the remaining shards.  Man, that pie looked good.  Too bad it was booby-trapped!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!  Woof!

Love, Maggie



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