7/24/13 Today’s Visit to Dr. W.


(Now that the doctor visit is over, I can relax!)

Today’s visit to Dr. W. went a lot better than I expected.  First of all, I did NOT need a shot in the butt like Mom said.  I just got an oral vaccine that Dr. W. squirted in my mouth.  It didn’t taste too bad, then I got a lot of treats afterwards.

My hernia that I have just squeezed toward the front of my tummy a bit.  I’m in no danger.  Dr. W. says he can take it out no problem, but Mom said she wanted to wait a bit as long as I wasn’t uncomfortable, seeing as how I just had a major operation in May.  Whew.  I get to keep my hair a little bit longer! 

Dr. W. checked me all out and said that I’m in fine health, that my weight and muscles and heart and breathing are great.  One problem that remains is my allergies.  I’m going to have to take human Benadryl in addition to the veterinary medicine I have, as well as change my food.  And no table scraps!  My humans have to change my treats, too.  Dr. W. said it was very common for dogs to be allergic to chicken and beef, so my people are probably going to put me on Science Diet, which is lamb & rice, salmon, buffalo, that kind of thing, just no beef or chicken.  We’ll see how that goes.  Kinda bummed about the table scraps tho, not that I get a lot but still.  It’s nice to have as an option for a snack.

Overall, things went a lot better than I was anticipating.  Dr. W. is very, very good with animals.  I really like him and behaved on the table. 

Interestingly, the Animal Clinic is right next door to a doggie boarding place, like a day care for your dogs. All the dogs were out in the yard, and although I perked up my ears and took notice, I didn’t feel aggressive or really, even much interested.  I didn’t strain on the lead to go over there or anything.  I suppose I’m just territorial at home, protecting my family.  Maybe Uncle Wayne is right when he says I’ll be OK meeting Rufus at the Forest Preserve.

In other news, Mom says the pool is still a tad bit green, but it’s OK because the weather is cool today, about 77 degrees.  Last week it was 100.  Today Mom has all the doors and windows open so the breeze can come in.  It feels like a Fall day, and I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, making up for the lost days when it was too hot for my pads on the ground, and too hot for me in my fur coat to be outside.

What a wonderful day!  I’m hoping you are having a wonderful day, too!  Woof!

Love, Maggie





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