8/2/13 Just Blogging


Me, with a chew toy, when I’m not blogging.

I’m feeling a little better today.  I’ve had a rough couple of days with my allergies.  The day before yesterday, I was REALLY hyper from itching.  Then yesterday, with all the medicine I’m taking, I felt a little bit down.  Today I’m feeling more like myself, playing, chewing, snatching a bag of model airplanes from Jamie’s room…OK so I’m not proud of the last one.  Don’t judge me!

Jamie saw a T-shirt online that said, “Don’t judge my Pitbull and I won’t judge your kids”.  He really thought that was a good one, especially since he says, “There’s always a screaming kid somewhere.” (Jamie is a very old man disguised as a 13 year-old.)  I kind of feel bad about taking his airplanes, but I’m sure I’ll forget about it soon.

I have Canine College tomorrow.  Mom, Jamie, and Laurel have been working on my commands with me.  I hope I do well.  I do feel I have to protect Mom from that big German Shepherd that’s there, even though she says it’s OK.  The one thing I don’t like is the training collar.  I managed to slip it off today and when Mom tried to put it back on my neck, I stuck my snout all the way on the ground so she couldn’t do it at first.  She managed, though.  When she’s preoccupied, I’m going to take it off again.

I’m going for a bath, too, after school, and that’s going to feel great.  Mom would have taken me today, but she applied Frontline between my shoulders the other day and had to wait 48 hours before bathing.  That bath is going to feel like heaven on my itchy skin.

I’ll report from school tomorrow!

Love, Maggie




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