8/17/13 Hot Wheels and Coffee


Today is Jamie’s birthday!  He received some model trains as a gift from Mom and Dad.  The passenger cars were sleek and beautiful, with light-up windows showing the  silhouettes of the people.  Jamie worked on his layout for a while in the Train Room, then went back to the Hot Wheels Racetrack.  Oh, boy!!!

Jamie set up the track on the table, through the back of the chair, and over the counter.  This way, he could release the car from the jump and have it travel through two rooms without touching the ground.  Every time I heard a car start to slide, I leaped up and tried to nab it.  I love this game!  However, in the kitchen, one of Mom’s K-cups fell to the floor during a brief struggle over a car.  Quickly, I snatched up the fallen K-cup and ran to the dining room with my treasure!  Didn’t make it all the way there, though; I crunched down hard on the K-cup and its contents spewed everywhere.  Blueberry coffee!  It was quite fragrant.  I got some of the grounds in my mouth and flapped my tongue all over trying to get rid of it.  Ewww, yuck!  I sat there flapping while Mom and Jamie laughed really hard.  Then Mom decided the coffee smelled so good she’d have some, too!

Jamie and I are still playing with the cars.  We played hooky from Canine College today since Grandma is over and we have to watch her.  So I’ll write more from the Pit Stop about Jamie’s birthday, later.

Woof!  Love, Maggie

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