9/8/13 The Basement


(Oh, boy!  Dad’s taking Mom out to dinner!  Woof!)

My people spent the day cleaning out the basement today.  The clutter, boxes, and discarded stuff from all the people who used to live here was monumental.  The worst was the huge, 200 pound TV that had to be brought up the stairs.  It was ridiculous!  Dad and Mom loaded it onto a dolly and Dad hoisted it up the stairs while Mom lifted from the bottom.  I was trapped in the stairwell behind them, watching them sweat and heave and mess up the door while I stood on the landing, tail between legs, whining.

Once the TV was dealt with, multiple…about 150…trips up and down the stairs were necessary to haul out all the junk.  I helped by running between everyone’s legs while their arms were full.  I also found a pen, some plastic toys, an old cassette tape, and a discarded tennis ball, to chew and shred while everyone else was occupied.  I left the little, tiny pieces of chewed material on the carpet for Mom to find.  I think Mom was wishing she had that Kirby, but I can’t be sure, because she was mumbling and flicking away beads of sweat.

Anyway, they did such a nice job that they are going out to dinner!  Wonder if they’ll bring home a doggie bag!  Yum!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


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