10/3/13 Let Me Explain…

As you can imagine, I have been in Big Trouble since running away.  But I wasn’t gone for long!  That’s probably not cutting it, so let me explain.

It all started on Sunday, when Dad and Jamie fixed the fence.  I did my usual activities in the yard, flashmobbed the two workers, and played with Mom.  Everything fine as normal.

Monday and Tuesday, I spent a lot of time in the yard under Mom’s supervision.  She noticed that I was patrolling the fence.  Dad said he thought he had fixed all the spots and we would find out.  We did.

The fence is easy to manipulate.  It’s your typical, 4.5 foot chain-link fence, and if I take off at a run, I can usually bend a hole in the bottom of the fencing to escape.  Dad and Jamie had pounded tent stakes into the holes I had made in the fence, thereby sealing off my means of egress and firming up the bottom.

So late Tuesday afternoon, after studying the fence intently, I found a weak spot.  And, while Mom and Jamie watched from the front of the yard and before they could react, I backed up, took off with my powerful hind legs and Hairy Bullet-ed that fence.  I was free!

I have previously explained that our backyard is shaped like a slice of pie and slants upward to a small hill.  On the right (from the back door) are our neighbors, and to the left, is the woods.  Which is right next to the swamp, bordering our cul-de-sac in the front.  The neighbors put up a wooden fence, and the chain link is next to the woods.  So, into the woods I shot.

Mom and Jamie ran after me, calling me and pleading for my return.  In hindsight, it is not that I bolted out of the yard where I fell down in this story.  It’s when Jamie and Mom split up, Jamie to the swamp, Mom to the woods, and I SAW HER and SHE SAW ME and I RAN THE OTHER WAY…that’s where it got ugly.

Through the woods!  And the Poison Ivy!  And the trees with the thorns that are 2″ long!  Once I hit the swamp grass, which is dry because we haven’t had rain lately, but is about 3.5 feet tall, Mom couldn’t see me anymore.  Neither could Jamie.  All I’m going to say is, I didn’t realize that we had horses so close to us!  (They live on the other side of the swamp.)

Jamie trudged unhappily to the front of the house in defeat, and Mom ran in to call the Police and Animal Control.  Soon, however, I had had enough of Maggie’s Day Out and wearily walked across the front lawn, and allowed Jamie to grab my collar.  He hollered out that he had me just as the Operator was answering Mom’s call.

Mom was…blisteringly angry at me on so many levels!  Not so much that I escaped the yard, but that I did not respond to commands.  “What am I spending every !@#$ing Saturday at !@#$ing Obedience School with this ^&*(# dog for if she is NOT going to listen when it counts?!!” She explained to me that a Pit Bull running loose is not a smart idea, and that I could have been shot on sight (people don’t understand that I jump when I’m being friendly), also that they are just trigger-happy when it comes to Pits.  Or that a coyote could have gotten me – they grow large around here, and we have a pack of them in the woods – or someone could have picked me up, or I could have gotten Poison Ivy, or  trapped in the mud…you get the idea, Mom felt I was in danger.  And I put myself there just for fun.

Mom cleaned me up and put the training collar on me and the chain lead.  Now I rattle when I walk.  (She would use the nylon lead but I chew them up).  Mom wants to be able to stop me quickly if I do anything suspicious.  I also had to go to the Vet for a checkup, a shot, and get a bath.  But those are other posts.  I just wanted to tell everybody that I had a serious lapse of judgment, and I’m sorry. 

Last night, Mom finally cooled off a little and when I jumped into bed, I cautiously leaned up next to her.  She pat me on the back and I knew all was forgiven.  I gave a loud groan, rolled over onto my side, and pressed the entire length of my body up against her.  I sighed very loudly when Mom draped her hand across me.  Dad chuckled in the darkness and said, “It’s good to be on Mom’s Good Side!”

He’s right.

Love, Maggie


9 thoughts on “10/3/13 Let Me Explain…

  1. farfetchedfriends

    You should definitely listen to mom. One of Sasha’s work buddies had a running in with a wolf and even though she was a strong Pittie, she lost. Mom’s right about the guns, too.
    However, don’t stop being your friendly self! Part of what makes you so wonderful is your jumping friendliness. So, be friendly, but be cautious. I guess that’s what being grown up is all about…

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      (abashed) I’m trying to listen. Really I am. But it’s so hard! Mom and Jamie may skip the 5K so I can go to obedience school. Mom says, “priorities”.

      1. farfetchedfriends

        That’s LOVE, little lady! As much as I love Pierre, I would have a hard time giving up a race. What does Jamie think – is he okay with it? Training you is verrrry important, but so is mom/son time. Can you do obedience school another day?

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        (puffs out doggy cheeks) Well…Jamie had a field trip today to Springfield. He had to get up at 4:45 a.m. to be on the bus at 5:45 Human Standard Time. So he is exhausted, and said it’s OK not to run. Mom and Jamie do TaiKwonDo and boxing together, so I think tomorrow morning is going to be Obedience School. 😉 I nearly had Mom in tears today. It was threatening storms so we didn’t go for a walk. I nearly tore the house down. I’m a very spirited girl…but I’m trying. How is Pierre? Mom’s Erik has a Jack/Chi named Rusk. Love, Maggie

      3. farfetchedfriends

        Oh yes, sounds like Jamie gets plenty of Mom’s time!

        You know, you sound a lot like Pierre when I first rescued him from the pound in May 2012. The only difference is that you’re much bigger than him! Thinking back, Pierre was always trying to get away and once ran down the alley away from me. Only a dog with a giant bark down the alley frightened him enough to make him stop running. He used to tear up stuff, too. He ate all the buttons off the back porch swing and pulled out all the stuffing. It looked like patches of snow in the back yard.
        I think mom is right that obedience school will do you some good. Then you know what? You’ll pass that learning curve just like Pierre did and next year, Mom will have to think super hard about the days she wondered if her rescued dog would ever get better.
        I better go hug on Pierre. He’s come a long way. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂
        You and your family have a great weekend, Mags!
        Love, Vanessa

      4. maggie0019 Post author

        Thank you, Vanessa, for hugging Pierre and for remembering. This gives me hope. I am currently shredding everything I can pick up…at least I know that sooner or later I’ll snap out of it. Sending you tail wags and face-licks, Love, Maggie

      5. farfetchedfriends

        You’re welcome, Mags. Thanks for the face licks…I usually get calf licks from Pierre as he walks by. It’s nice to get kissed somewhere higher up for a change!

        I guess it’s just been so long since I first brought home Pierre, I forgot what it was like. The first 6 months he was here he shredded a ton of stuff including a pair of my work shoes (heels), would cower whenever he saw the broom/mop/tv remote (past abuse, I’m guessing), would run into his kennel for ever little noise and big ones too (I sneeze A LOT), and even had a couple of accidents in the house. He still gets nervous if the broom is out but doesn’t zip under the table any more.

        I think if Pierre were your size, it would have seemed worse. How much damage can a 10 pound dog do?
        Just give mom a lot of kisses and full body hugs to make your period of adjustment a lot easier for her. I know you will!

        I remember what another friend who rescued two dogs told me – she gave me a healing time line:
        0-6 months: H-e-double hockeysticks
        6-12 months: Getting adjusted, less destructive, more love.
        12-24 months: Seriously fitting in with the family.
        25+ months: It’s like I brought home the dog as a puppy.
        Now that Pierre has been home for 17 months, he really is doing SO much better (even though he still has problems with German Shepherds and dogs that look like them, and, as we found out last night, beagles that bark like seals) and I really forgot the early days!

        Well Mags, I have to go write for today and you’re taking up all my words. 🙂 Make sure Mom makes you some PB cookies after all the hard work you’ll do in obedience school today!


  2. The Patron Saint of Dogs

    Dearest Mags;
    I’m so glad you made it home okay and no one shot you.Whatever it was that made you leap the fence and run off and have fun like that can really get you in trouble. Maybe it was because your parents were in the front, and you wanted to go see them, but thought you’d take a detour? I’m just fishing. Jules took off all the time when she was young. Oh, the stories I could tell you. I think it is part of being a rescue. They had a life of their own before they met us, and had that sense of individuality you don’t find in dogs lucky enough to have one owner from cradle to grave. Jules was quite the case, too, and she turned out with time. SO….. Be smart, be safe, and be on mommy’s side…. but don’t forget to be daddy’s girl too, he can come in handy, esp when mom’s mad at you. 😉 xoxoxo Colleen

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Hello Colleen, thank you for your good wishes on my return. No, Mom was standing at the back door and Jamie was actually in the yard at the time of “escape”. I did see something moving in the leaves, but I have to confess that I did scope that fence out for two days before bolting. Mom is trying to be patient with me but I nearly had her crying today. I know I am quite the handful being a spirited dog. I’m so glad Jules worked out for you. I sure hope things work out here (tail droops)…Woof! Love, Maggie


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