10/25/13 Mom Writes

I’d like to thank Vanessa from farfetchedfriends and Jules and Laurel for being so helpful and understanding while I am having issues with Maggie.  I believe Laurel is correct when she says that Maggie is back to her healthy weight, has recovered from whatever it was she had been through; and having her puppies taken away.  I wasn’t going to blog about this, but Vanessa assured me that “the blogging community is real and not like FB where all the news is always good” – so this blog is a direct result of that comment.

That having been said, and also understanding that my dog has some “youthful vigor” – I must confirm, she has been more than a handful. Her behavior since adoption has gone from OK to worse to worser.  (don’t you love the way kids talk!)  And now she’s becoming a destructive force in the house.  Yesterday, she knocked over my glass lamp, chipped the unbreakable laminated floor with the force of it, and ran (away from me) hitting the wall and knocking out a chunk of plaster down to the stud.

The number one, main thing that is going on is that Maggie is not listening to her commands.  And it’s not like she doesn’t know them!

For example, when she did the above destruction, it was because she had stolen a sock and refused to give it back; subsequently running through the house like a wild thing, with her chain whipping behind her.  The lead does not stop her from behaving badly in the house.  It is merely leverage, an easier way of me stopping her in these mad chase scenes.

Jamie says Maggie thinks it is always playtime and Maggie plays ROUGH.  Yesterday, she bit Erik twice.  Playfully, and it did not draw blood, but – still.  One cannot have a 55 pound Pitbull, who is very fast, chasing you down, leaping on you, and putting her mouth all over you. 

Yesterday was not a good day.  Maggie charged the fence in the back yard at about 11:30 in the evening and spent 30 minutes wandering around in the woods and the swamp, while Jim and I hunted her down with a search light.  Jim eventually captured her by waving a jar of peanut butter around.  Her constant misbehavior is… grueling.  As of today, the house has been on lockdown.

The solution (I hope):  Boot Camp, which starts October 30 in the evening.  I am hoping for good results.  If not, we have to make the decision to re-home.  That’s another can of worms.

Another reason for Maggie’s misbehavior, again, with a tip of the hat to Laurel, is that she is comfortable here.  She knows she has a good home and that we love her, so she is taking full advantage of the situation.  Maggie is one smart cookie, and she wants to be in charge.

I put Maggie in the PetsHotel for the weekend.  We have to get the house ready for Erik moving back home, which is completely impossible to do with the dog around, and we are having some guests over Sunday, and I can’t trust the dog around people.  She loves them too much, and is too exuberant around them.  Like Jamie said before, it’s always playtime and playtime is always rough.  Someone’s bound to get hurt and I can’t let that happen.

So…that is the news.  I wish it could be better.  I am hoping that there will be a good family dynamic in place when Maggie returns from Boot Camp and that these problems will diminish and some of them, go away entirely. 

All of you in the WordPress community have supported my dog so much.  I want you to know she is a good girl, loving, loyal, smart, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  But, she has to learn her place and right now, she’s spending too much time thinking as a human and not acting like a dog. 

I appreciate all your good thoughts and wishes coming Maggie’s way right now.  I know that if she was here, she’d send you all out a Woof! and a tail wag and a nice face-washing.


5 thoughts on “10/25/13 Mom Writes

  1. weggieboy

    I think we all understand your difficulty. Each animal companion we bring into the home brings good and bad elements of that animal’s being. I join the others wishing Maggie the best, and hope and pray she becomes manageable and can live in your home, where you’ve already made a positive impact on her life.

  2. The Patron Saint of Dogs

    Hi, no news since the 25th — I’m getting worried.
    Every dog I’ve ever known has gone thru these kinds of crazies. Some hit it in their teens, others hit it in their early twenties, some, like Jules, go thru both.
    A combo of hormones, excess energy and confidence are the culprits, not from thinking like a human, which is an impossibility for a dog,
    Animals are psychological reflections of their family dynamics. Anxious households create anxious dogs. The more mellow everyone is, the more mellow the dog. When Maggie is misbehaving in the house become aware of what is going on with everyone; they could be triggering the behaviour unknowingly (i.e. tense conversations, loud/energetic music, roughhousing, intense video game playing.) Maggie is not ignoring commands, she’s just gettimg too caught up by other factors to be able to listen.
    Crossing my fingers and putting in a word with St Francis!


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