11/13/13 …It’s Been A Weird Two Weeks

It’s been a weird two weeks without Maggie.  I go pick her up tonight at 9:00.  I know that is late, especially since I have to work on commands with the trainer afterwards, but I think the reasoning is that there is one more Obedience Class ending at 8:30 that she is scheduled to attend.

The trainer wasn’t overly-communicative with me while Maggie was gone.  All I know is that she was doing well and was a good girl throughout the process.  I expect to have a lot more information later.

Since Maggie hasn’t had access to a computer, she hasn’t blogged.  I’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck with her during this time, though.  I know she has a lot of blogroll reading and catching up to do.  I’m sure Maggie herself will have a lot to say, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next days and weeks develop.

A couple have things have changed on the human front since Mags left:  my son Erik moved back in and he brought 2 small dogs with  him.  They will be confined to the downstairs area where he lives, which is sizable enough, and there are precautions in place; however, how Maggie relates with other dogs is going to be an interesting situation.  I hope beyond hope that it will be a safe and compatible one.  I did tell Erik he needed to have a “Plan B” in place in the event Mags does not do well with his animals.  This is, after all, Maggie’s home and I do not want her to be unduly stressed.  I also don’t want my dog in a situation where she is bound to fail.

During this time, I was also hired at the library at school where I have been volunteering.  I am extremely pleased to be working with the children and with the books.  I do love this work.  I was given the excellent suggestion of doggie day care by cb from Contrafactual to care for Mags so she is not unduly in the crate while I am working.  Also, when things looked bleak and I could not see my way past the two weeks Maggie was gone, I received a lovely coffee mug from Vanessa from farfetchedfriends.  This mug had seven pictures of Maggie on it and it says, “Forever Our Girl”.  I can’t tell you how uplifted and touched I felt after receiving that gift.

Jamie says that Maggie returning to blogging will be “the greatest comeback in WordPress history” and I hope that he is right.  For now, however, please wish us all luck, and lots of tail wags and dogsmiles.

Your friend,





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