11/17/13 Severe Weather and a Shower Ahead

As some of you may know, up to 70 tornadoes ripped across the Midwest today.  There was a tornado close to my house, and thank goodness, it did not touch down in our neighborhood.  My thoughts go out to those who weren’t as fortunate.

We did get a very good soaking, and when I went outside to use the “facilities”, I got head-to-tail dirty.  Filthy.  So, Mom and Jamie gave me a shower:


Much better!

Mom is going to call Daryl tomorrow, since I am more comfortable again already and jumping a bit.  So she wants advice about that and about me crying at night in the crate.  Hopefully, I do not have to go back to bootcamp.  I don’t think that I do.  Mom was going to send me to school Saturday, but thought that the shock of going back into the building so soon might have been a bit much for me.  So we are probably going to class Wednesday.  We have 8 classes to use in the year.

For now, though, I am snuggled up in the soft bed Jamie picked out for me.  The wind has finally died down and the weather is not threatening anymore.  Tomorrow, Mom is going to check the ground to see if the shingles came off the house.

Hoping this blog finds everyone safe,

Love, Maggie



4 thoughts on “11/17/13 Severe Weather and a Shower Ahead

  1. maggie0019 Post author

    Thank you for the reblog. Tornado hit one suburb over, then passed us and hit another…we are so very lucky. Sending our healing thoughts to those that weren’t. Woof!


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