1/28/14 Best Birthday EVER!!!

My birthday started with a beep, not a bang.  This is because the first thing I did this morning was steal Dad’s car key, which looks like a plastic nub.  Except it has a panic button on it, and when I bit down, the van on the driveway started flashing and beeping.  Mom and Dad were relieved that I was caught so quickly and there was no damage to the key. 

A short while later, I was given some birthday presents.  First, a vest I refuse to wear:


Hmmmm….maybe Laurel will want it for her dogs!  Then, I got a cool stuffed toy:


It squeaked!  A special treat for me!  And of course, I destroyed it in 2.5 seconds.


Next up, Jamie gave me a new “baby” to take the place of the other one I’d shredded:


Finally, I got my wish (thank you, GP Cox!) of a special birthday dinner with wet food not dry:


And a special Frosty Paws Ice Cream Dessert for dogs.   Peanut butter flavor, of course!

Overall, I’ve got to say, Best Birthday Ever!


I’m all tuckered out!  Woofzzzzzzzz Love, Maggie


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