2/2/14 The Scarf

Mom owns a beautiful, soft, wool and cashmere blend scarf that is her favorite possession.  Mom has taken great care of the scarf.  Dad gave it to her for Valentine’s Day some years ago (that could account for its softness, besides the blend of materials) and she really treasures it. 

I know all of this because she told me last night after I jumped up and snatched it off the back of the chair and took it to my place on the stairs and chewed a big hole in it before she could stop me. 

The scarf is totally ruined.  Mom is devastated and angry. 

Now I am ashamed of myself.  Mom isn’t talking to me.

Dad says he will replace the scarf, but Mom is still upset.  I’m in the doghouse big-time.

(tail droops) Love, Maggie


12 thoughts on “2/2/14 The Scarf

  1. weggieboy

    Sometimes it comes down to this: What gives us more joy? Things or our animal companions?

    I have a new computer chair that cost one heck of a lot of money. My cats immediately scarred it up with their claws.

    I sometimes think you either have nice things or cats. Apparently your Mom has to give some thought to that, too. A Russian friend on YouTube (funnycatsandnicefish) just posted a video that illustrates the issue.

    You can see Igor has a very nice home, yet his kitten is really working over a delicate-looking curtain. Watch closely: When the kitten runs behind the curtain and starts charging into the curtain, you can see some cat damage near the hem!

    Read the comments Igor and I (mine show up under my YouTube user name, phainopepla95 ) had about kitty vs. nice things.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Cute! And thank you for your comments. Most of the time, Mom is not really attached to material things and is kind of *meh* about the house. But I guess this scarf was different, having sentimental value! She’s still mad at me! woof!

      1. weggieboy

        I wish your Mom and I could be a little less attached to things (even if just a few special ones…) It’s a human failing, just as is ability to love Maggie or Andy when they are naughty. Maybe because I have two sometimes naughty cats, I’ve been interested in your progress since I first came across this blog. Just think what a mess you were when your were first adopted! You’ve made big progress, Maggie! Good doggie! Your Mom and Dad saw the good in you then, and it is still there, growing and growing!

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