3/24/14 New Toys!!

My family surprised me with some fun new chew toys, and I haven’t even completely destroyed them yet!

First, I got an “indestructible” Nylabone:


This replaces the smaller indestructible Nylabones that I managed to chew the corners off.

But I was really excited and happy when I was presented with a squirrel toy.  I love furry toys, but since I am such an avid chewer, they usually don’t last very long around me. 


When I got the squirrel, I ran to my special spot at the top of the stairs and started whipping it around.  Oh, Pitbull Joy!

Here I am with both my (MY!) toys:


I love my new toys!  And they’re mine, all mine!!!  Until I shred the squirrel.

Woof!  Love, Maggie

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