5/22/14 It’s Raining Ice Cubes!

We had another storm.  It wasn’t as bad as the “derecho” from last June, but it was a bad one.  Mom and I knew things were going to get rough when the sky turned greenish black and the wind chime out in front stopped moving.  Not even the birds were out!

Pretty soon it was raining so hard, we couldn’t see across the street.  Mom said at first glance, the rain was every bit as thick and heavy as a snowstorm!  There was a loud Pop!  And all the streetlamps went out.  It was pitch-black and scary outside.  But not for long.

The lightning came, first slowly, then increasing in speed and brightness.  The backyard looked like it was being lit by a strobe light. First we couldn’t see anything, then there would be a crazy flash of illumination where the pool and swingset were shown in wild, jagged forks.  Mom said it looked like a scene from a horror movie.  The thunder was intense.  Lightning hit in the back yard so close that the kitchen lit up like the paparazzi were chasing me!

Then a weirder thing happened.  It started raining ice cubes!  First little ones, then bigger and bigger.  The sound went from a splash, to a tinkling, then to a knocking and pinging bombardment.  Really it sounded very much like a large truck was hurling stones at high speed onto the roof.  Then a crack!  And a flash!  And the ever-present, BOOM!

I stayed close to my humans as the power came and went.  Luckily, I can see just fine in the dark.  Jamie turned on a big LED flashlight and a short time later, Air Conditioner gave a grunt and then the lights flickered back on.  The loud knocking gave way to a tinkling again, then the splash of huge raindrops then….

All was still.  The streetlamps came back on with a “bzzzt”.  The sky was crystal black, clear with the moon shining on the wet pavement.  Lightning had struck the tree in front and there were leaves everywhere, just like in Fall.  There was so much water that the pool was overflowing.  The lawn in front was completely underwater.  About a million wet, green, leaves stuck to Dad’s van.  We didn’t find the hail damage until the next morning.

Now the backyard is really lush, and greener than ever.  Dad says it’s because the lightning put something into the ground to help the plants. 

I still can’t believe it rained ice cubes!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

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