5/23/14 The First Summer Bonfire

I guess technically, Summer doesn’t start until Monday.  But with today’s fine weather, Jamie and Mom decided to light the first bonfire of the summer.

They waited until the sun began to set and when it was near dark-time, Mom started the blaze in her little outdoor firepit.  I was excited to be outside and played with my stick (which actually is a wiffle bat that I run around the yard with).


Mom brought out a plate of something that smelled delicious, and in short order, she and Jamie were roasting marshmallows on long sticks.  I had forgotten about marshmallows.  It’s been a long time since roasted-marshmallow time!


Mom dropped a marshmallow and said I could have it.  It smelled burnt and at first I didn’t know what to do with it.  Mom stuck her finger inside the confection to show me it was still good.  So I pawed it, licked my foot, then promptly devoured the marshmallow.  Delicious!

The fire was warm, the air was sweet, the grass freshly cut, and the wind chimes sang softly from the front porch.  Mom leaned her head back and started counting stars.  I sat next to Jamie and hoped he would drop a marshmallow, too.  The night was perfect!

It got darker and darker.  Jamie cuddled down into his coat as the breeze picked up.  Here, he’s being all anonymous:


(That coat is huge on him!)

Finally, Mom said I was getting a little too interested in what was going on beyond the woods, and the humans packed up and went inside.

I had a lot of outdoor time today, so I am good and tired!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


4 thoughts on “5/23/14 The First Summer Bonfire

  1. cb

    “Summer doesn’t start until Monday.”

    Summer vacation?

    True astronomical summer (longest day of the year) is on June 21.


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