10/5/14 Question

I have a question for all you experts out there. I have my blogs I follow set to “instant” or “daily” notification. However, I am not really getting any blogs that I follow showing up in my reader. I am getting a lot of “suggestions” of other blogs to follow. Is there something I have to change in my settings? Are my settings wrong? I’d like to keep up with everyone, but I feel like blogs are falling through the cracks.

Thanks so much,

Maggie (Woof!)

PS Mom’s feeling very well today, she even let me go on the computer for a while!

14 thoughts on “10/5/14 Question

  1. weggieboy

    That seems right. You might check out a few of your follows you do get regularly, then compare how you have them set up with some you think you should get but haven’t seen. Alternatively, go to the section where you can see all the blogs you follow, and randomly bring up some you don’t recall seeing any updates on. It could be the people writing them don’t update them regularly or stopped writing.

    Not the clearest or most clever suggestions, but I suspect you are getting what you should, and not getting others because they haven’t updated their posts regularly or recently.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been trying to check at least on a weekly basis. You are correct, some people haven’t been updating, but others, it seems, are just not getting through. Sounds like a WP problem tho. Woof!

  2. The Daily Blabber

    Some I set to instant, like yours. Other’s (people who post more than once or twice a day) I have set to off or view in the reader. The reader is a little hit and miss sometimes. I’ve actually had blogs fall out of the reader and I would have to go and refollow to the blog again. I’ve also had days where I get duplicates of the same blog on a friggin loop in the reader. (Drives me bonkers) That’s got to be WordPress’ issue though. Go to the “edit blogs I follow” page and click how you want delivery. “Instantly” “Daily” “Weekly” “Off”. Off means you’d only see it in the reader. If that doesn’t help, you may need to contact WordPress. Hope this helps!

  3. Nancy

    I’m having problems with WordPress. ever since they went with this new way of posting..blogs I follow stop, and then I discover, I’m not following them anymore and I have to refollow This week I lost 3 more even though it says I’m following..try to unfollow and then following and that starts it back up again…the other problem I’m having is my comments go into outer space it never shows up, yours and three other ones are the only ones that I can actually make comment on that problem I can’t get fit I have contacted WordPress 4 times and not heard back. Good Luck

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Well at least I know I’ve got company in this. I switched back to “classic” mode for posting, and it is always telling me I changed the post when I did not. I think things were better before they tinkered with it. Woof!

    2. Emy Will

      The same happens to me Nancy – so frustrating! I have found some of your comments in my spam folder. I try to answer every comment and acknowledge a reblog.
      For me, blogging is about interacting with other bloggers. I do get posts in the reader but they come through so quickly I often miss them. I sometimes visit a blog site and find that I have missed a lot of posts. This is not too bad, as I can then go back and check them out.

      Technology – a love /hate relationship but hey, we would not be communicating like this without it.

      All the best,

      1. Nancy

        LOL….so that’s where I land….I been wondering where I went….
        Digging through the spam file is a real pain … if I don’t go in there everyday two days later I have over 300 in Chinese that are half a page long ….:-[
        Its very frustrating.. just like Maggie’s mom needed to go to the hospital I was hoping it would show up because I would like to let people know that I’m thinking about them and that I care.
        You are right Emy.. it is wonderful to be able to communicate this way….but boy I can do a lot of growling….
        Since this is showing up, let me take this opportunity to let everybody know its not that I don’t care it’s just that I’m floating in outer space…or in spam… peace and hugs to ever one…♥

  4. LadyPinkRose

    Maggie, I’m having problems as well. I’ve cut back on my posting because of WP’s issues. I agree with you that things were a lot better before they tinkered with the editor. Why fix something that does NOT need to be fixed? *sigh* Love, Amy

  5. Emy Will

    Hi Maggie. Technology can be sooo frustrating; grrrrr.
    I think we all experince these technical problems. The best, for me, is to subscribe to the “reader” and then look through it every day. You can then go into the posts that are more interesting for you.

    Best woofs, ❤


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