10/21/14 Chrome Dome

I am not sure how to feel about all this Halloween nonsense. The candy and caramel apples smell good, but Mom won’t let me have any! She wants to put me in a “Rufferee” costume, and I’m having none of that!

Jamie’s Dalek costume is pretty much done except for maybe a little more spray-paint. However, he wanted something a little more portable for when he was out of it, so he purchased a costume fez and a chrome mask. He put it on and looked at me. I did not like this one bit! For one thing, what happened to Jamie’s face – it completely disappeared! And another – where did that strange dog come from who was looking out at me from that mask?

I put my rear end down and backed up against Dad. He put his hand on me and told Jamie to take off the mask because it was “scaring her”. So Jamie pulled off the chrome mask and was just Jamie again. The reflection dog disappeared, too. Mom took a picture of Jamie’s chrome dome and you can see why it gave my tail a turn:


I’m not sure I like this spooky stuff, where humans start looking like something else!

Last Halloween, I was in Boot Camp, but this year I’m going to be home. It’s really my first Halloween. We shall see how it goes! Mom says I’m going to “freak” because of the doorbell.


Woof! Love, Maggie


6 thoughts on “10/21/14 Chrome Dome

    1. Nancy

      I angel wings and a halo that I used to dress our all white Siberian Husky with blue eyes she looked adorable and I truly believe she like the outfit she used pose and I am fair skin blue eyes blonde hair and I would black dress all in black with Siberian Husky slippers the kids loved it.
      You need to get your mom to get that outfit for you Maggie you would look as sweet as your personality. ✖♥✖
      Happy Halloween!!!!

      1. Nancy

        Oops ~ some typos there… I don’t know what I was thinking …I guess its time to go back to sleep… :-\ I meant I dressed in all black. 😉

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