11/20/14 Mom Goes for An Operation, and Maggie Weighs In

November 17 – I have never seen the humans get up so early. It was still dark-time. Dad let me out, carried a suitcase to the car, and then popped me in the crate. I am so confused. Jamie is still upstairs sleeping. Why are Mom and Dad leaving? Mom looks very sad.

Jamie got up later and went to school with a nice lady, but I didn’t get to come out of the crate. Where are Mom and Dad?

Laurel came to exercise me and play. I’ve been lonely all day, so I was happy to see her. I still do not know what is going on. Dad took Jamie somewhere after school. Dad looks very worried. Jamie looks upset, too. They did not come back too late, but Mom is not with them. Maybe Dad re-homed Mom. Why would he do that? She’s housebroken. I am worried.

November 18 – I heard Dad and Jamie talking in the kitchen. Mom is far away at the hospital. She had an operation on her tummy. I remember when I had an operation on my tummy. The vet shaved off all my nice white fur, and it it hurt to walk for a while. I wonder if the same thing happened to Mom. I miss Mom very much, and I am sleeping in her spot waiting for her to come home. Laurel comes to let me out and play every day. She talks to me and tells me Mom will come back. I’m still worried.

November 19 – Today, the telephone rang before Jamie left for school. Guess who it was? It was Mom! Dad put the phone by my ear and I heard Mom say, “Good girl, Maggie, Mommy misses you so much.” I wagged my tail so hard my behind shook. Dad says Mom will be home tomorrow. I’m not going to let her out of my sight! I can’t wait! Tonight is going to be a long one.

November 20 – I can’t believe it! Mom is finally home. She can hardly walk. I guess the Vet got to her, too. I am so excited to see her! Mom came in and sat down on the couch. Dad took me out of the crate with my leash and brought me over to her. I did not jump but I did wash her whole face and both hands. My tail was going like a propeller. When Mom stood up (slowly and carefully) I did try to jump but Dad had me. I was so happy to have her back. Laurel came and played with me. She brought Mom flowers and took me outside. I tried to tell Laurel, “Look, look, Mom is back!” and I think Laurel understood me, because she laughed and patted my head.

Mom has a long recovery ahead. She can’t sleep in her bed yet so I will be taking care of her spot, or sleeping in my chair keeping an eye on her. I am so happy, happy, happy, to have my Mom back home!


Woof! Love, Maggie

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