11/24/14 Thankful

Today, I am thankful the humans got the new roof put on the house.

Last night’s rain turned into big flakes of snow this morning, and some of it stuck to the ground.

It is very, very windy and there are a lot of scary noises coming from outside; mainly, garbage cans rolling around in the street, and the wind shrieking through the tree-less leaves. At least the sounds I am hearing do not equal shingles being ripped from the roof, like they were before.

Mom and I are tight and snug as a bug today. Erik and Jenny are coming over later and Mom cooked me up a juicy bone to snack on while they are here. It’s cooling off now. Erik is going to make Thanksgiving pies for Mom, who still cannot do too much. Today, Mom has to go get her stitches out. She is very nervous about it. I wish I could come with her. I guess I will let Dad take her. I should sulk about that, but I’m so cozy with Mom I’m in too good of a mood right now.

Mom was sad last night but is feeling better today. She says it will be good for her and Erik to see each other. I love company, so I can’t wait!

Here is a pic of me looking out at the snow:


Mom took the picture while she was on the couch. My, don’t I look regal!

Woof! Love, Maggie


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