12/26/14 The Letter I Got From Santa, And Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Mom hung up a stocking for me over the fireplace. Then she put trees in front of the fireplace so I would not be tempted to jump up and snatch the stocking down. On Christmas morning, the stocking was stuffed full of goodies, and, lo and behold, a letter from Santa Claus himself!

The letter said that I had been a very good girl this year. I was happy to hear that! I have been trying so hard.

I also received a rawhide shaped like a wreath, a package of small rawhide treats, a new Nylabone, a giant KONG stuffed dog toy, and a treat jar full of soft treats.

Most special to me, though, was a new dog tag from “Tags for Hope”. The tag is shaped and colored like a driver’s license (made to look like it’s issued from your state), and has my picture on it. It has Mom’s cell phone number in big text on the top, and my name, fur color, eye color, species, and breed on the front. On the back, Mom had the Tags people include that I am very friendly to humans, but do not get along well with smaller animals. She also listed my allergies, my vet’s phone number, and my microchip number.

I am touched that my humans love me so much that they don’t want to chance anything happening to me should I become lost. Being home with my family was the greatest gift of all this year, and that’s not found in any bag or box under the tree.



We had company all Christmas Eve. The kids came over separately: first, Erik, because he was off work. Then Jenny, when she got off work; then they left, and a short time later the human Mike came over. Mostly, the humans ate, opened their gifts, ooohed and aaahed over how well I was behaving, gave me pets and loving, and played games at the kitchen table. Mom did not want to do a lot of “entertaining” because she is still healing, and because I behaved, she was able to relax and take it easy.

Of course, Mom could not resist giving me tidbits with my kibble for Christmas Eve dinner. I tasted some turkey, baby carrots, and lamb. Of course, I wanted the cookies, but had to settle for a rawhide!

Mom wrote a little bit about me to the Animal Welfare League (Chicago Ridge, IL) Facebook, and they put me on as their cover photo. That is the shelter I was adopted from. So if you are on FB and want to check it out, I thought I should mention it.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you had a good one, filled with love from your humans and animal companions. I hold you all close in my big canine heart, and wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

Woof! Love, Maggie


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