2/13/15 Soap Opera Kisses

As you can see, I’m out of the doghouse and back in Mom’s good graces.


It turns out, Mom was angrier at me about scratching near Jamie’s eye than she was about the poopies. Mom said she can’t replace eyeballs but she can always clean up a mess. Jamie’s scratch is red and scabby today. I feel bad for scratching him. When he got the shoe away from me, I gave him a playful swat and hurt him. I guess that’s why people shouldn’t have tigers and stuff like that for pets. Mom’s not really calling Jamie “Scarface”, either. Well, maybe just once.

Last night, I lay down on Mom’s side of the bed near her pillow to try to make things up. When she managed to move me over a bit, I curled up in a tight ball next to her belly. She loves that, I know it. She put her arm around me and I swear I didn’t move a hair all night. Cuddles work every time!

Today, Mom went to the gym and to pick Jamie up from school, so she had to put me back in the crate. Mom always leaves the TV on for me – usually, she just turns on Channel 5 and lets me listen to the news and soap operas (since hearing human voices is soothing). I’ll tell you, I’m getting quite an education. For one thing, none of those humans on the soap operas seem to have jobs. If they do have a job, they just stand around and talk a lot. They also carry around a lot of empty drinks, and they are always going out to eat in restaurants with perfectly clean plates – no food in sight!

But what really gets me is that I always know when the humans are kissing – even if I can’t see the screen – because they make an obnoxious sound like someone eating a hot dog with their mouth open. Every time! Yuck!

Mom used to put “Animal Planet” on for me but the shows have changed. She also used to put on the Discovery Channel. Personally, I like the guy who narrates, “How It’s Made”. He’s got a very soothing voice. Of course, the best choice is for the humans never to leave the house and I never get put in the crate for any reason. But, that’s not going to happen!

At least everyone is all made up, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Woof! Love, Maggie


1 thought on “2/13/15 Soap Opera Kisses

  1. Susan P

    I am delighted to learn that you (if you will permit me to say it) are out of the doghouse. Sometimes it seems like there are way too many ways to get into trouble. Happy Valentine’s Day, Maggie. ❤


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