2/17/15 A Day In The Crate Part 2

I think today was a rotten day for everyone here. Never mind that it is Fat Tuesday and I got a nice treat. I was in the crate for so long, it wasn’t even funny!

Mom had to drive Jamie to school this morning, because Dad had his meeting at work. So that was a little over an hour in the crate. Jamie’s school is about 30 minutes away when traffic is good. Mom says that today the traffic wasn’t good (probably because of the holiday yesterday – everyone’s back to work today).

Mom came back, but had to leave in the afternoon to get groceries, pick Jamie up from school, and take him to Algebra tutoring. Fortunately, Laurel dropped by for about an hour, took me outside, and played ball with me. Then I had to go back to the crate til Mom and Jamie came home.

When they finally arrived, tired, hungry, and frazzled, we had a joyous reunion. Mom promised that, no matter what, no more crate today.

Mom really hates to put me in the crate. She tells me she’s sorry. I know Mom doesn’t like to crate me, and I understand that if I am left alone loose in the house, my anxiety rises to the point that I might hurt myself. But I still don’t like it, and never go in willingly, even though the crate is large enough that I can move around in it and it does have a soft fleece liner. Maybe I don’t like it because I know that my people are leaving. When I was first adopted, I’d go in the crate to sleep, but now I like my chair.


The other day, when Mom took a shower, I hid under the blankets of her bed. She didn’t see me and flipped off the light and closed the door. She went looking for me, and was afraid I’d gotten out. Meanwhile, even though she was only gone a little while, it seemed like an eternity to me and I let loose on the floor. I couldn’t help it. I was so frightened. Mom knew it, too, because she called me, “poor little girl” and didn’t even fuss about the mess.

(sigh) I’m so glad everyone is finally home. I’m ready to call it a night!

Woof! Love, Maggie

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