2/22/15 Feral Cats!

I could not believe my eyes today when I looked out the window and saw that the house – MY house – was surrounded by feral cats!

They must have a family out there in the woods. I saw two black and whites like this one:


and a huge gray with some tabby markings (I mean these cats are large):


But the surprising thing was a very large black cat that was perched on the neighbor’s fence. Reminded me very much of “Andy and Dougy” – very silky looking. I swear, it was there to snag a bird out of the bare tree. I mean, the cats have to eat! Mom wants to put out some tuna fish but she is worried if they come too close to the yard I might get them.

Here was the black cat – and then, when he got what he wanted, he was gone in a flash:



I spent the morning watching out of the window to make sure that the cats did not encroach the barrier into my yard:


I am on Border Patrol! Woof! Love, Maggie


3 thoughts on “2/22/15 Feral Cats!

  1. The Patron Saint of Dogs

    I wonder where they all came from. Maybe they had a home somewhere else and it got destroyed or they were driven away by mean people 😡


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