3/5/15 Harboring Fugitives!

I can’t believe Mom is harboring fugitives (cats in the Cat Sanctuary!) Moreover, she is thrilled whenever she sees one (humpf!)

Let me explain: Our weather has been crazy here, and the snow has a thin, light, sheer coating of ice on it. This makes everything outside look sparkly and bright. It is also difficult to crunch through to use the bathroom – but! This is not a potty-complain post.

The streets are dry and whitewashed with old salt. The temperature rose a bit and Laurel came over for a brisk walk, some fun play, and coffee and a chat with Mom. As Laurel and I sauntered out the door, Mom brought up the rear with a suspicious-looking bag in her arms. “I’m going to replenish the food at the Cat Sanctuary,” Mom explained. (Double humpf!)

So, while I was frolicking on the street, trying to avoid the wind blowing up my tail, Mom waded out to the side yard, where the frosted snow reached nearly to her knees. She trod through using the path that she’d made earlier in the week, and, after making sure that no cats were about to be frightened off, she refilled the food and checked the hay. She checked the tracks of the cats to make sure they weren’t getting trapped in the snow, and made sure the window wells and behind the air conditioner unit was all clear. (I know all of this, because I heard her talking with Laurel, later on).

Then Mom trudged back to the house. We returned shortly, too, and then Mom made the coffee. I was happy to see Laurel and spend time with her, and so was Mom. Company is always nice.

In a little while, Laurel had to leave and Mom and I went back to cat-watching at the window. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for one of the black-and-whites to make itself comfortable:


Before long, the black-and-white dashed away and his friend, an all-black cat, came into the picture. But he/she is REALLY hard to see:


As evening fell, I was on sentry duty at the dining room window when the black one – or one of the black ones – reappeared on my porch. I went into a frenzy of barking and was surprised when Mom lay a gentle hand on my back and softly told me to shush. She said I should be nice to the kitty, and they are learning where the food and shelter is coming from. This made me shut up quite quickly. I do NOT want Mom to suddenly stock the house with cats!

I have to admit, though, they are kind of fun to watch from the window.

Woof! Love, Maggie

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