3/7/15 The Sporn Halter and Other Adventures

Mom was in a sour mood for most of the day. She has uncovered a new, battery-powered nemesis: Bathroom Scale. Mom visited Bathroom Scale for a short time this morning and was scowling for a long time thereafter.

It warmed up considerably today, to about 40 degrees F, and Mom took me out in the early morning sunshine to the Frozen Turdra that is our backyard. However, the snow was softer and the sky was blazing blue and the birds were singing in the trees. This made Mom’s dark mood evaporate and she soon became cheerful again. Me, I was just happy to not be freezing while I did my business!

Back upstairs, we found Dad shaving in the bathroom. Mom felt energized from the crisp morning, and decided to change the sheets on the bed. After she pulled me off the bed twice, she managed to strip the sheets. Naturally, I obliged her by jumping back on the bare mattress:


Beginning to feel bad again, Mom enlisted Dad’s help to evict me once and for all, and to get the new sheets on the bed. Seeing the storm cloud over Mom’s head, Dad, clad in his shorts and T-shirt, quickly obliged, and between the two of them, they got the bed made while I looked on.

Later in the day, Grace, the Mail Lady, brought Mom a package, and she was delighted. Mom does not want to use the prong or choke collar, so she had purchased The Sporn Halter online, and had been waiting for it to arrive. She promised a New Era of dog walking with The Sporn.

Wisely, Mom waited until Dad came home from work to try to figure out the puzzle that was this halter. As Dad pieced it together, I, sensing a game, jumped all over and ran about the kitchen like a mad dog. Oh, this was fun! Dad changed my collar and everything!

Finally, after many attempts, Dad got the halter together and then he tried to put it on me. Gleeful that my Alpha Male wanted to play, I jumped with paws on his shoulders, licked his hands, and flopped to the floor, rolling over on my back to show my belly. Dad struggled mightily to adjust the halter and get it under my two front legs and then attach it to the new collar. I chewed the soft faux-Sherpa lining, swiped everyone with my paws, and tried to nibble Dad’s sleeves. “Maggie, knock it off!” Dad huffed, his glasses coated with dog slobber.

Mom said the bad words to Dad, “Jim, I think you might need to BEND DOWN to put it on her.” Dad attempted to bend and took the kitchen chair with him. Crash! More fun!

It took all three of the humans to pin me down and get the halter on. Nobody could get a picture because everyone’s hands were on me, and I grinned and grinned from my position on my back, thumping my tail steadily on the floor. Mom said, “I don’t think Laurel is going to like this very much.” No one answered her.

After the chairs were righted, and I shook myself off, and the humans brushed themselves off from dog hair and slobbery goo, Mom announced that it was Time To Try It Out and to Go For A Walk. I dashed about happily when I saw the leash, and after Dad fastened it to the halter, I tried to pull but was caught up short.

We all went out and, although the halter felt weird and will take some getting used to, I have to say, it was much better than the prong. Jamie took a picture, here it is:


Mom said Jamie took a great picture, and Dad said, “Maybe Maggie’s just a good model!” Everyone agreed.

Well, goodbye for now. I am going upstairs to rumple up all the fresh sheets on Mom and Dad’s clean bed. Then I am going to make a nest and have a nap. Dad is already sleeping on the couch, snoring his head off. I think I wore him out!

Woof! Love, Maggie


12 thoughts on “3/7/15 The Sporn Halter and Other Adventures

  1. Susan P

    Maggie, your new harness is beautiful. It shows you off to perfection! You are really stylin’ . A handful of rubs behind your ears, my friend.

  2. hitandrun1964

    You look wonderful and I’m so happy you have a nice harness that won’t hurt your pretty neck:) I’m sure you will get used to it quickly because you are so very clever.

  3. Bemused

    Hi Maggie,

    Let your momma know that there has been some complaints of nerve damage caused by those harnesses. The way there are situated to pull directly under the legs is where the damage apparently happens. She may want to google that to learn more.

    Has your Momma ever tried using a clicker with you? When you “Heel” properly instead of pulling she would “Click” to cue you that the behavior is correct and then treat to reward you. It’s a really fun game and your humans can shape all kinds of good behaviors for you to learn 🙂

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Oh, dear. We will look into it and possibly get a harness of another sort. 😦 I’ve been to obedience school and boot camp. I am good with my commands. But, because of my breed, my human parents have to go “above and beyond” when they take me for a walk. I have a muzzle, a prong, and a choke collar, not because I need them, but because people are afraid of me. Mom is urgently trying to find a better solution.

      1. Bemused

        Dog Reigns is supposed to a great no-pull harness without the injury under the leg joints.

        Clicker training is not obedience classes. It is actually a cue for good behavior learned at obedience classes or for other behaviors ( touching objects, not interfering with bed changes lol and not barking at the door for instance) Look it up, it is an excellent learning tool and great mental stimulation on crumby weather days 🙂

        I know what you mean about people being afraid. Of the 500+ dogs I have rehabbed in the last 25 years some of the best behaved and gentlest have been Pits. My last one nearly a year ago now I almost kept as my own but she was just too active and needed an energetic owner. Good luck!

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        thank you so much. I will check it out. It’s hard being a breed discriminated against. 😦 It makes me sad, because I love people and would just jump up & kiss everyone.

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