3/9/15 Mom Dreaming

Unless I take one of those little magical pills coated in peanut butter to keep me from throwing up in the car, I don’t normally go riding around.

Mom, however, had to pull Zeus out of the garage to go pick up some medicine and fetch Jamie from school.

When she came back, she gave me a treat and a good petting. She talked so strangely to me! Here is some of what she said, to the best of my memory:

“Maggie, Spring is definitely in the air. At the pharmacy, there are several nests of birds under the eaves of the roof and they are singing their little lungs out. I’m sure there will be babies soon! I walked carefully along the sidewalk, looking for eggs (it’s probably a little too early) and babies. Just in case. Just to make sure they hadn’t fallen.

While driving in the sunshine to pick Jamie up, I uncovered an old CD with dreamy music on it. I had to be very careful for the music not to grab me by the toes and pull me into the song. It was hard to concentrate on the road! Fortunately for me, there weren’t many trucks and no buses on the street today.

When I got to Jamie’s school, I was early, and unfastened my seat belt and snuggled down with the windows cracked to wait. I wish you were with me, Maggie. It was beautiful. With my eyes closed and the breeze softly blowing, it could have been any season – Spring, early Summer, or early Fall. The sun warmed my face and the breeze caressed my brow. I drifted off and when a van pulled up across from me, all I could imagine was an old-fashioned tractor, with a dappled horse and a wagon full of hay and fresh apples. It’s wonderful the way a breeze, or a sound, or a ray of sunlight can transport you to a wonderful place.”

So Mom’s been daydreaming, and I got a good belly rub out of it.


Love, Maggie


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