4/3/15 Rainbow

It started raining in the morning and Jamie ran outside to quickly take this picture:


At first glance, you can’t see the rainbow. But it’s there. It’s like a connection.

As the holiday weekend is upon us, I’d like to think we all have a connection that at first glance, you can’t see, but it’s there, too. This connection (I further like to think) goes beyond the different religious faiths that we have and even crosses species: human/dog/cat/other animals. This connection is what we have in common.

Maybe if we stopped looking at all the ways we are different and thought about the rainbow, the thing that binds us together, the thing that has us sharing our planet, maybe we’d have more peace amongst the humans and there would be and end to cruelty towards animals. Because, we’d be thinking about the rainbow, and not wanting to fight or do bad stuff.

It’s just a thought. I hope to stay connected with every one of you for a long time, and I hope you all have a great holiday weekend whatever you choose to celebrate. Me, I’m going to celebrate the rainbow.

Woof! Love, Maggie

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