4/22/15 Mom’s Been Sad

Mom’s been very sad lately. She got a phone call from her sister over the weekend, and her sister was very, very, ill. Mom’s sister lives just over the border one state. It was late at night, and Mom’s sister had to go to the hospital. Mom grabbed Dad and off they went.

I was left in charge of Jamie. I kept Jamie busy by nudging open the closet door and pulling shoes and scarves and gloves out of it. When Jamie got tired of that game, he put something in front of the closet to keep my nose out of it. Then we relaxed and watched some TV.

Jamie and I stayed up until the early morning. I think about 3. Then Jamie sleepily crawled into Mom’s side of the bed and I followed, laying at his feet and guarding him. It was an important responsibility. Mom and Dad came home about an hour later. Mom gently prodded Jamie to his bed and Dad took me out. Then we all crawled into the human bed and tried to get some sleep.

Mom could not sleep a wink. I even tried to cuddle with her but she just stroked my back in an distracted way. The next day, she took a nap for two hours and felt a little bit better. Of course, I stayed with her. But Mom was moving like a zombie. She hadn’t seen her sister in four years because she moved around a couple times, and for Mom to see her so thin and ill, really disturbed her. I guess, you know, first I got sick then right after I healed Mom’s sister got sick. So it was kind of a double whammy for her. She’ll be OK though. I’m here to watch over her.

Woof! Love, Maggie


20 thoughts on “4/22/15 Mom’s Been Sad

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Thank you so much. We are grateful for the prayers & good wishes. Mom’s sister has to see a specialist, so Mom is still on pins & needles. Woof!

  1. hitandrun1964

    Sorry, pressed the wrong button. I can’t find your e mail, I must have erased it before I wrote it down. I’m thinking of maybe getting some of us together late in the summer. Not sure yet but want to include you for sure. 🙂 Kim lives around here and I’m going to see if Melanie and Bling can drive in for a long weekend of chatting and get togethers. Go downtown, to the Garden and have deep discussions as to how we can change the world!!!!


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