4/26/15 Light Fixtures

It’s was a nice day today. We’ve had rain Friday and Saturday, but today the sun finally appeared and, as usual, the sunshine made the humans restless to do things around the house. (Why they do not lie in the sun and take a nap is beyond me!) Anyway. We were going to go for a walk, but everything is soaked and soggy. So the next best thing, I guess, is to look for stuff to do around  here.

It started with Mom bossing Dad around to change the light bulbs, because “For Pete’s sake as soon as the sun goes down we’ll be in the dark!” Obediently, Dad went to change the light bulb in the eat-in part of the kitchen, and noticed a crack and several chips of glass (as well as several dead bugs) in the cheapo fixture Mom had bought out of desperation a few years ago. I should mention, the fixtures in the eat-in part of the kitchen and in the kitchen proper are both flush to the ceiling and both miserably crooked. It is a source of great irritation to Mom. Dad, on the other hand, doesn’t care a fig, especially if there’s a good show on TV. They argue about the lights on a weekly basis, it seems. Mom is especially sore about the light in the kitchen, which looks remarkably like an uneven, upside-down apple pie. It is incredibly heavy to boot, and nearly impossible to change the bulbs in. Maybe that’s why Dad likes it.

“That’s it, we need a new light fixture, anyway!” Mom said with enthusiasm. “It’s fine!” Dad protested, feeling his wallet get lighter before he even left the house, “Let me just put a new bulb in.” CRACK! A glass chip fell onto the table. Dad let out a groan as Mom headed for the door. “If we shop smart, we can get a new fixture for the kitchen, too, and get rid of that hideous pie-plate hanging above the oven.” Dad mumbled something about having a relationship with that ugly pie-plate, and followed Mom out with an unhappy look on his face. Jamie wisely kept his mouth shut and went along, too.

Thus I spent some time in the crate, but I wasn’t in there long before the humans came back with two large boxes. Dad didn’t look too grumpy, so I guessed they had “shopped smart”. But it could be because Dad made Jamie carry the boxes and wasn’t doing any work yet. Either way, I was let out of the crate and watched with interest as Dad did some electrical work. First, he went down to the basement and flipped some switches. Then he trooped back up and started the first installation:


Mom said that it was just her opinion, but Dad standing on the edge of the kitchen chair didn’t look all that safe to her. Jamie chimed in with an agreement, and Dad sent Jamie out to get the ladder. Dad bonked me in the head while he was setting it up, and Mom gave me a pat and said he didn’t mean anything by it.

Dad doesn’t like to admit it, but he’s worse with colors than I am, and getting the wires tied off and capped correctly was a bit of an adventure. It was compounded by the use of the word, “thing”. As in, “Give me that thing,” which meant the screws, nuts, washers, and screwdriver. Jamie had no idea what Dad wanted during the entire installation. Dad got it done, though, and this is what it looked like when he finished:


Mom and Jamie liked the new light a lot, and Mom said it looked futuristic in a “retro kind of way, like the Jetsons”. I have no idea what she meant by that, but Dad said he liked it and went to put up the light in the kitchen with a lot more enthusiasm than he’d had for the first project:


Dad was pleased with himself that he had chosen two light fixtures that matched. I was kind of surprised that Mom let Dad do the picking out, but I think he did a nice job. It’s a lot brighter in here now, anyway, and now the humans can eat dinner without glass bits raining down on their heads.

Woof! Love, Maggie


(basking in the sun from my spot on the couch)

2 thoughts on “4/26/15 Light Fixtures

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Well, I think Dad looks very silly standing on the chair. And I think everyone should drop what they’re doing, give me a belly rub, and chase me around with my toy bone. But that’s just my opinion. Woof! 😉


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