5/7/15 Visitors!

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We had lots of visitors!

Dad took the day off to watch over Mom, and after he brought Jamie to school, he came home with Mom’s sister (Auntie), her niece (Val), and Uncle Rick. Mom was overjoyed to see them, especially since Auntie has been so sick. (Mom says Auntie still looks very thin but is at least up and around.)

We all went out in the back and sat under the umbrella. Mom kept her foot up and all the ladies chatted. Jamie came home from school not long after (Dad had to pick him up) and the men decided to demolish the old swing set that was rotting away in the back yard.


I was having a blast! Mom connected two tethers so I had lots of room to roam without the danger of me going through a hole in the fence. I rolled in the grass, chased fat bumblebees and birds, and played “stick” with Uncle Rick and Dad. Mom made sure my water dish was outside and filled and I drank and drank and drank. Uncle Rick works with horses and he knows about dogs, too. I was so happy!

Dad grilled some food and everyone ate while the sun set. Then we had a surprise, because Auntie’s other daughter, Heather, stopped by. Our Erik couldn’t make it though, and we missed him a lot.

Pretty soon, Jamie had to go to play floor hockey and Dad lit the bonfire for Mom and everyone else. He took Jamie to the game while Mom sat with her crutch and the rest of the family around the blaze. They talked and talked until the stars came out. At first, I was “on guard” near the fence, but when I saw that nothing was happening, I lay down in the thick grass near the humans and rested. It was very dark, and the stars were twinkly, and the heat of the fire warmed my fur. I slept a bit.

Soon, Dad and Jamie came home and everybody had to leave. Mom says it was the best day, and she wasn’t lonely, and it was like having a party in the middle of the week. I myself loved it because I was out all day and got lots of playing and attention. As soon as the humans left, I stretched out as large and as long on the human bed as I could and fell fast asleep. What a great day!

Today we are all tired. I guess that is to be expected! Mom goes later to have the bandage changed on her foot. She is doing well, and says that yesterday was like a shot in the arm for her.

Woof! Love, Maggie


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