5/22/15 Tests are Normal

Woof! (tail wags)

First, let me tell all of you that my tests came back 100% completely normal, so I am physically not fighting anything worse than an ear infection at this time.

Doctor Craig gave Mom some medicine for me because I am, well, anxious, stressed, and hyper. Now, you might be wondering, “What does a dog have to be hyper about?”

Let me answer. Being left alone, being starved, being beaten, other dogs, being over-bred, being fought…these are all things that weigh on a dog’s mind, especially if she did not have a good puppyhood, I am sad to say.

I know I am in a great home with humans who love me. But I am having a hard time leaving the past behind. My humans love me so much and I am afraid it will end. I hate to see them walking out the door. It makes me sick.

At first, my stress got much better, then it started getting worse. I think it’s because I love my people so much more than I did before. Love is a dual-edged sword, I think.

Anyway, Mom is giving me the medicine and I am taking it like a good girl. I feel like a different dog already. For example, Mom, Jamie, and I went on the front porch and, after initially sniffing and taking stock of the neighborhood goings-on, I lay down at Mom’s feet and just relaxed. It’s been so very, very, hard for me to relax. Mom and Jamie gave me lots of praise for just relaxing.

They also took me to the woods for an hour and a half walk. Mom said she would walk until the bottom of her foot started hurting. (She is almost all healed and doing great.) So we walked and walked and walked. Later, Mom drove to the car wash.

What horror is this? Going into a dark tunnel and suddenly bombarded by sounds and smells. I lay down in the back seat with my head in my paws. Jamie talked and talked to me. Mom felt bad that I was frightened, but said she hadn’t wanted to put me in the crate and leave me just yet.

So, I weathered the car wash, but I think Mom is not going to take me back there since I don’t like it.

I’ve been a good dog all day, no accidents at night or anything, while Jamie and Mom prep and clean the house for company this weekend. I am happy we are having family over to stay for a day or two.

Mom says that is the “big test” of how this new medicine is working – how I am around people. Another “big test” is how I do around other animals. But for now, one test at a time.

Woof! Love, Maggie (formerly Magzilla)


6 thoughts on “5/22/15 Tests are Normal

  1. Susan P

    I hate that you were abused. You are a good girl, that I know. With your family loving you so much, I think you will weather this time. XO

  2. hitandrun1964

    You are such a beautiful girl. I love your “bling,” it looks great and fits with your sparkling personality. I’m so happy your mom is doing everything she can to help you have a nice calm and happy life. I know how it is when you love someone so much that you want to bite everyone else but that’s a really bad idea. People don’t like sweet dogs who are vicious, believe me, I know. I told you about VB. So do what you have to in order to be a good girl and let other dogs and people into your life. Maybe when you realize that no one will leave you and that they will come home later, you will feel better. I’m sorry about your puppyhood. No one should suffer like that but sadly, humans are a broken species, filled with all kinds of bad things. You have good humans now, so maybe with time and medication, you will be a happy dog, one without fear. ❤


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