6/2/15 A Grand Day for a Walk

Jamie and Mom surprised me with a walk today. First, Jamie gave me a heaping spoonful of peanut butter (“That’s too much!” said Mom, but I loved it) and inside she tucked my motion-sickness medication. We waited a bit, and I thought they were going to put me in the crate, so I flattened myself out on the bed, but then Mom said, “Who wants to go outside?” My ears perked up at that! Jamie chimed in, “Who wants to go for a walk?” and naturally, I started dancing when it was time to put on my “jewelry” and leash. “Sitsitsitsitsit!!!” Finally, I was ready and off we went.

Mom said this would be another kind of “test” for me, since it has been a week since I’ve been on my medication, and she wanted to see how I would react to other animals.

Several dogs were out on their lawns near the house and none of them were tethered or leashed (NOT a good idea), especially when I know these dogs will roam the neighborhood. We drove past them, though, and went to the woods.

It was beautiful, I just can’t describe it:


This was taken as we were walking. It’s not reflected off the glass in the car. It’s just a pure sunbeam that Jamie captured.

We did see a small dog and I was very interested. I didn’t bark or go nuts but my ears were up and I pulled. Mom checked me and Jamie said, “Get your nose in the clover, Rover, and relax!”

Hmpf. Rover.

I listened to Mom though when she checked me, so she feels I am improving. She says I have a ways to go and to not be a smarty-pants about it.

We wandered along the path for a long time. I did in fact stick my nose in the clover, and would breathe in deeply and then snort when a dandelion went up my nose. Jamie thought this was very funny.


Pardon my backside!

Now, home and fed, it’s time for a nap. These humans wear me out!

Woof! Love, Maggie


7 thoughts on “6/2/15 A Grand Day for a Walk

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      What I mean is: Mom gives my collar a very light tug to distract me and a firm, “Leave it!” if I am making eye contact with (say, another dog). Eye contact is a sign of aggression. If I am showing any signs of aggression I get a “Leave it!” I wasn’t properly socialized as a pup and I have a hard time with animals. Until I obey better on my harness, Mom has to use a collar with prongs (because I am 59 lbs. of pure muscle). It’s for the safety of other animals. Mom is very, very careful of the prong and uses it as little as possible. Thanks for asking! Woof!

  1. noodle4president

    I LOVE when it’s time to put my leash on!!! I get so excited that Mom can barely get my harness on. She always goes from smiling and excited to very frustrated. Oops!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Muahaha! We do love to frustrate the humans! It’s so much fun. I am learning how to walk with my harness. Mom is going at it a little at a time and making sure no other animals are around. Because, she doesn’t like using the prong collar. I’m a little bit bigger than you, Noodle, I’m 59 lbs. now, and almost all muscle. Woof! (tail wags)

      1. noodle4president

        Whoa! You are growing FAST! I’m happy your Mom doesn’t like using the prong collar. I bet that doesn’t feel very good. I love my harness. It’s the kind that’s made out of mesh on the chest, and regular leash material across my back. My old one was just leash material and it dug into me when I pulled but I still pulled so Mom got me a new one that couldn’t hurt me.

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        Mom had initially bought me a Sporn collar (I think that is it) but it can cause nerve damage or so I have heard. Now I’ve got a heavy duty one we picked up at a pet supply store. I’ll have to have Mom take of pic with me modeling it. Woof!

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