6/26/15 I’ve Only Done What They Asked Me To Do

Yesterday, Mom and Jamie met some New People. They went over by the New People’s house.

Mom came back sad. She said that I was brought up during their conversation. She said that the husband shook his head and said, quote, “I would never love or trust a Pit.” Many people feel the same.

Mom stroked my back and told me she said to him that I was loving, loyal, and a good girl. Sure, I have my issues. Who doesn’t?

In all my life, I’ve only done what they asked me to do. The humans who abused me before. The humans who took care of me at the Shelter. And the humans I have now. Yet, I am feared, I am discriminated against. Who made me this way?

The long-time-ago humans took me from my mother when I was just a puppy. When I was very young, they made me have puppies, then they took them, too, and kicked me out. Into the snow. You know what Chicago winters are like. Not even people from Alaska want to come here in December and January. But there I was, on the street, with my naked pink paws and thin, thin coat.

It’s not my fault I wasn’t socialized with other animals. It’s not my fault I was kept in a cage. In all my life, I’ve just wanted the humans to love me. I have lived to please. I remember when the man from the Shelter shook Mom’s hand and said, “You’re taking Maggie? She’s such a people person.”

I’m a people person. And I dream of the day when me and my kind have an equal chance like other dogs.

Woof! Love, Maggie (a little bit sad)


21 thoughts on “6/26/15 I’ve Only Done What They Asked Me To Do

  1. Delida Costin

    Maggie — it’s okay to be sad, but don’t get lost in it. Not everyone is going to like you (that’s the nature of our world), but if you’re lucky (and you are) then the important people will love you.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I’m more sad for my Pittie brothers and sisters, who are overlooked in shelters and still on the euth list, because people still have the attitude of, “I’d never love or trust a Pit.” My life is great, but there is still a lot of work to be done to eliminate BSL and end discrimination against dogs based on their appearance or breed. Woof! (wags tail)

  2. Susan P

    Well, sweetheart, I’m a huge fan of you. I’m just glad that Mom and Dad brought you home to care for. I am sure they are taking good care of you. To see you is to love you.

      1. cb

        I’m doing OK. Getting back into blogging, but not writing yet. Writing is hard work and I obviously don’t have the dedication to be a full-time writer. Too busy living. πŸ™‚

  3. sandradalton

    Oh Maggie! The pits I’ve lived with were some of the absolute sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.

    I get so mad when people talk that way and make those judgments out of pure ignorance. It’s their loss if they don’t want to meet you and make a new friend.

      1. sandradalton

        Well, I’d love to have you ’round for a visit anytime! And so would some of my kitties.

        I have to admit that some of them are prejudice against dogs period, and 2-legged strangers too for that matter, but the ones that are dog-friendly have no breed bias. πŸ™‚

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