7/2/15 I Want To Help!

Today, the humans took all the sheets and pillowcases off their beds and washed everything.

The house was alive with the smell of Gain and Downy! I sniffed the air appreciatively.

Naturally, with all the activity, I wanted to help.


I figured I was helping Mom by keeping the pillows warm.

Then we moved on to Jamie’s room. I sprawled formally across his unmade bed:


We are still working on the train room, and we are making an addition to the train table. We put in the roll of carpet (which will be used after we get the plywood home; it’s 4’X8′ and won’t fit in Zeus the Fiat). I, of course, was interested immensely in the new table and tried to jump on it as a display of my enthusiasm:


I would have made it, too, if Mom hadn’t put her hand out. Foiled again!!

Now the beds are made and smelling great. I (almost) can’t wait til bedtime!

Woof! Your helpful friend, Maggie

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