7/26/15 Shoot the Water, Please!

Why, what is that in your hand?

It’s a squirt gun!


Shoot the water, please. Yes! Up over my head.


Got to chase the water!!!


And chase the water!


Wait! It’s over there!


Note to self: love squirt guns, hate baths!

Woof! Your wet friend, Maggie

(Note from Mom: Maggie is on a tether, but it is a 50 foot one. She is always supervised in the yard and never runs so she chokes on the tether. We are always very careful about that. Maggie cannot be untethered in the yard as she will break through the fence to chase squirrels, rabbits, and feral cats.)

9 thoughts on “7/26/15 Shoot the Water, Please!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      (dogsmile) secretly, behind my right ear I have two tiny black “vampire bites” but really, the only spot I have is on my tail. Please keep us posted as to how things work out. Woof!

  1. hitandrun1964

    I agree why Noodle4president…I never saw your spot before! I was so surprised Maggie. You have a beauty mark on your lovely tail. Glad you had so much fun and I’ve met your beautiful mom and she would never let ANYTHING happen to you EVER. She loves you so very much. 🙂 If she does something it’s for your own good, that’s for sure:) ❤


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