9/9/15 Dishing out a rough ride!

Hi, All!

Mom’s been feeling blue lately. She said her friend that she took me to visit went to the human equivalent of the Rainbow Bridge. So I’ve been keeping an eye on her, but decided to give her a little bit of a rough ride to keep her on track. You know how it is. Keep them occupied so they don’t dwell on things.

I started the day off by sneaking downstairs and leaving a healthy pile on the ceramic tile in the hallway. Notice, I did not mess the area rugs or our (already trashed) carpet. This is all part of my master plan to keep Mom in line, trust me!

Erik came up from downstairs to see what was the matter, and I greeted him Hairy Bullet style, and nailed him in the sweet spot. While he was doubled over saying some choice words, Mom chased me up the stairs.

In Mom and Dad’s room, I found my favorite rope toy and energetically swung it around. You know, terrier-style, like I’m breaking a rat’s neck. Anyway, while I was doing this, I whacked Mom in the shins. Then she said some choice words, and limped away to the table.

I figured my work was done for the day.

Mom found some sugar skull Pitbulls, and put her own spin on one. She painted this tonight. (Mom says she’s no Picasso but she still has fun). I guess she still loves me.


She’s calling it, “La Dia de las Maggie” (the day of the Maggie)


Love, Maggie

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