A Plug for “The Strength of A Thousand Men”

This is my young human’s blog: http://www.tophat17.wordpress.com

If you go to his page, which he had a hard time setting up, you will see a computer and the word, “blog”. Please click on this word to see the story. It’s a sci fi adventure about blobs (like, jellyfish creatures) vs. robots in a civil war on the moon, Sesiqui.

Please give it a look! Any and all comments are appreciated! Constructive criticism is welcome, he is a first-time writer.

Thank you, Woof! Love, Maggie

10 thoughts on “A Plug for “The Strength of A Thousand Men”

      1. scififantasylitchick

        Totally agree! That one was easily my least favorite of the season so far. The pacing was slow and I thought the writing was a bit sloppy in parts. I plan to dish about it in my blog post this week!

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