12/26/15 Pitmas Eve

I have so much news to tell you about Pitmas Eve and Pitmas Day! It was all very exciting and happy and busy. We did all the usual things, like feast and open gifts, but there is one thing in particular I must tell you about.

Mom and all her boys (Mike, Erik, and Jamie) played an elaborate hoax on Dad.

It started like this: Dad wouldn’t tell Mom what he wanted for Christmas, so Mom and the boys decided to go in together and get him a brand-new Weber grill as a present. Everyone chipped in, and it was delivered Monday of this week.

Jamie and Mom hid the grill in the garage under a tarp and surrounded it with pool equipment. Dad didn’t notice a thing. He must’ve walked right past it 50 times. Sometimes, it’s good to have a messy garage! Since Mike wouldn’t be there Christmas morning, it was decided that the gift would be presented to Dad on Christmas Eve.

After all the cousins opened their gifts, Mike distracted Dad with some chit-chat. Mom gave the signal: “Erik and Jamie, go get some more ice from the freezer in the garage.” (Mom had Jamie move Zeus out of the garage earlier in the day).

Quickly, Erik and Jamie exited to the garage, ran to the grill, whipped off the tarp, added a huge red bow, and moved it into the center of the garage.

Erik ran in the house and gave Mom her signal: “Mom, the freezer is leaking!” Then he ran back out. Mom turned to Dad and said, “You’d better go out there and see what’s wrong!”

Everyone ran to the garage door, Dad still holding my leash, and when he opened the door, everyone shouted, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

OMG! You should have seen the look on Dad’s face! Erik thought he was honestly having a heart attack. Dad finally managed to squeak out, “Holy sh**!” before dropping my leash entirely. Everyone laughed, and clapped, and cheered. Dad could not get over how completely he was fooled, and kept opening  up the garage door and peeking to make sure the grill was still there. Later, Jamie helped Dad move it out into the back yard, and here’s a picture:


After the prank was done, and everyone settled down again, we had a nice dessert of all the cookies that had been baked, and a fruit cake that Mom made in November and had been basting weekly with brandy and orange juice. Then the entire assembly sat down and played games.

When the party broke up, Dad and Mom had nothing but compliments for me on how well I’d behaved. (More on that in anther post).

It was the best Pitmas Eve we’d had in a long time! I was so tired, I went up to bed before Mom and Dad and slept the whole night straight through.

I will post about Pitmas Day separately!

Woof! Love, Maggie



9 thoughts on “12/26/15 Pitmas Eve

      1. maggie0019 Post author

        well, I wouldn’t want to make Zeus angry. He’s in the shop now. Maybe he’ll come back as a garage dragon! My mom’s always wanted one! 😉

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