2/1/16 A couple of notes and The Wednesday Witch

  • Happy February! We made it through January! That’s something to celebrate!
  • I took a few days off to celebrate my birthday and ended up with a posse of computer problems. It’s so bad, Dad actually purchased a new (refurbished) Mac and we expect it some time this week.
  • Mom got a note from her Super Agent Nancy, and has been editing and reformatting the books all weekend. She kicked started the computer* about a dozen times, but got the work done. Please wish us luck! We have our paws crossed!wetnoms

That’s a picture of me diving into those luscious wet noms for my birthday. Nothing but dry kibble since then. Oh, yes, and then there’s the treats (before you go feeling sorry for me, woof woof woof!)


*When Mom was a little girl, she read a wonderful story called, “The Wednesday Witch” by Ruth Chew (the book is since out of print. Mom still  has a copy, and has read it to all the kids). Basically, it’s a story about a very imaginative little girl; a cat named Cinders; magic scissors (they don’t actually cut anything, just make the item smaller); a Wednesday Witch; and a magic flying vacuum (canister style) named James.

When the Wednesday Witch (her magic was strongest on Wednesdays, the day she was born) wanted James to fly, she would point the wand end straight out and arrange the hose behind her like a tail. Then she would administer a horrible kick to James’ sides.

When the imaginative little girl got James, she realized he would fly just by pointing the wand. James was very grateful not to be kicked. And this is how Mom imagines herself trying to get the computer to work. Straddling the unit, pointing the mouse into the air, and giving it a couple of good, swift, kicks.

Oh, another point. Every vacuum Mom has ever owned has been named, “James”.

Woof! Love, Maggie




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