Doug is pissed off

Yeah! What cb said!!!!


For someone with kidney failure, Doug (aka weggieboy) is well and truly pissed off.

As I write this Doug is STILL in Denver. What’s that you say, “Wasn’t he supposed to be home in Alliance?”

Yes, yes he was. But for reasons not yet clear, Doug’s release from Amberwood Court Care Center in Denver was delayed a day. To make matters worse he now has to pay $160 to stay an extra day, because he has exceeded the time limit for 100% Medicare coverage. Even better (and not in a good way) he didn’t even get physical therapy today so he just hung around “like a mushroom”*.

The new plan is for him to leave tomorrow, driven by an old friend from Denver who is going back to see family in Alliance.

“Well at least he his FINALLY going home to see his kitties,” you say.

Well just hold…

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2 thoughts on “Doug is pissed off

  1. cinnabar50

    I haven’t read all the details but from what I have read it sounds like your friend is having a rough time. For what it’s worth I send my best wishes and sincerely hope that Doug will be okay and his health will improve soon.


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