2/22/16 Stoney

I know, I know. Mom said she was forgetting about the idea of getting me a companion dog. But seeing as how I’m doing OK out of the crate (for now), she was having another round of second thoughts.

Mom looked on FB Friday and there was a big splash about Chi-Town Pitties having an adoption event not far from here. The dog Mom was interested in before, Stoney, was still up for adoption.

Mom read the caption and her heart broke a little. Stoney is 6 years old and so housebroken that he’s having a hard time using the bathroom in the kennel. (Mom felt his dignity was suffering). It went on to say that he’s been in shelter since August and he was too old to be there, and that it was taking its toll. Friday night, Mom was up all night long worrying about her peeps in the hospital and the dog in the kennel. Mom’s heart was breaking some more. She made up her mind.

Mom sent an email Saturday to Chi-Town Pitties asking about Stoney. In the letter, she outlined her concerns and questions. Then Nana and Papa came over for dinner, and I had to be very careful not to jump on Papa, so I kept Mom and everyone else busy holding my leash.

Mom checked her emails after dinner and she’d gotten a response from Chi-Town. “Oh Liz, I just posted about Stoney’s adoption five minutes ago…nice older gentleman…think it’s a match made in heaven, big yard, no dogs, cats, or kids…” Mom was happy but sad. Her broken heart felt better that Stoney was going to a better home than she could probably give. Mom said she felt like this:


Anyway, Mom said it was a sure sign that I was to be an only dog and she wouldn’t have any more second thoughts about it.

Woof! Love, Maggie

15 thoughts on “2/22/16 Stoney

  1. hitandrun1964

    Your mom has a really BIG heart. You are a luck doggie and we are all lucky because we know your mom: ❤ That was a heartbreaker and I'm relieved that it ended well so I don't have to be stressed with your mom.

  2. Susan P

    More love for you, Sweet Maggie. We had three dogs at one time, and thought we did our best, none of them got what they needed. I also had three human puppies at home.

      1. Susan P

        greyhounds are very high energy. I understand that the retired ones make good pets, but I think it would be difficult to find another pup that would be suitable.

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        they were really good until someone left a door or gate open, then BAM out they ran at 40 mph….It’s funny now but not at the time! Woof!

  3. K. A. Bryce

    Maggie, tell her a companion dog would not just be a friend to you but a second joy multiplied to the 10th power for the family. Besides her instincts are telling her you would be much happier if she rescued another dog from the shelter. I started with one and now have four and each one added to my life in ways I could not begin to describe. Dogs make people better people than they already think they are. Smiles…>KB

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Mom says you write so beautifully and I agree. Mom says we may wait until early summer to look again. I think she has to “get over” Stoney. Woof! Love, Maggie

  4. noodle4president

    We know your Mom must be so sad. I think that’s how my Mom felt about Molly after she passed her up and got Macy. The good news is that if it doesn’t work out with Stoney’s adopter, I’m sure the rescue will let your Mom know. It doesn’t hurt to be Plan B. *ear licks*

  5. scififantasylitchick

    I’m sorry to hear that Stoney wasn’t able to come and live with you, but I’m glad he was placed in a good home. Maybe one day you might get a companion. My family and I have two dogs, both mixed breeds and both females. One is 16 years old and the other is 8. The older dog was a literal pound puppy and the younger dog was a neighborhood stray we rescued years later. After following the vet’s advice on how to integrate them so they could be used to each other’s company, they are the best of friends and are like two sisters! But even if your family remains a one-dog house, you’re still a loving pet. They’re lucky to have you, Maggie. 🙂


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