5/8/16 Mother’s Day Shenanigans

Today is Mom’s day. We’re going to take her out to dinner, later. But for now, Mom is ruling the roost and we’re doing whatever she says. Why she wants to work today is beyond me. Maybe because it’s such a nice day!

Mom went out and trimmed the bushes, pulled weeds, and raked up all the debris. So she started it, technically.

Dad bagged up all the flotsam and jetsam and started cleaning the garage.

Erik washed Mom’s car and all the patio furniture. He took Mom out for a little ride.

Jamie built a huge firepit (it’s all those years of Lego training) and set it up in the backyard. Then he set up the umbrella and helped Dad finish cleaning up.

While I was out in the backyard with the boys, I noticed something. Green and snaky looking… could it be – the hose?


Oh, ho ho ho! It IS, in fact, the hose! I watched the water:


Then decided to get me some:


What fun on Mother’s Day! Now my fur is all wet, so I think I’ll go inside and take a nap  on the couch. Mom won’t mind!

Woof! Wishing all of you with kids – whether they are human children, or kids with wings, fins, tails, paws, scales, or whatever – a very happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Maggie


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