6/27/16 I’m not a good boarder

My humans went to Houston/Webster (NASA) Texas for Jamie’s Robotics International Competition. I will grudgingly let Mom post a couple of blogs about that, later. For now, my news.

I went to the Vet to be boarded. I’m not a good boarder.

While I was at the Vet, I managed to open my cage. I got out, and got into a fight with a dog that was much bigger than me:


The cut on my snout is stapled shut with a teeny little staple. I have to have it out July 5.

The Vet called Mom (who was really upset by this) and told her what happened. They treated my boo-boos at no cost, because they didn’t have me properly secured. Mom had given the staff my blanket and all my supplies and a BIG note in CAPITAL letters saying that I am not good with other animals. The people at the Vet were very nice. They always are, but they’re not my family, and I wanted to be home. Instead, they put me in another type of enclosure where I could move around a lot but it wasn’t considered a crate or a cage. Some sort of dog run.

This time, I didn’t think my people were coming back for me. I stressed and stressed and got blood in my poop from the anxiety. Mom is supposed to watch me, and believe me, she’s got an eagle eye on Yours Truly. Who is feeling much better and going to take a nap on the couch. My couch.

Meanwhile, Mom is tearing her hair out. She’s been trying to find someone to dog-sit in the home since last year, and everyone is saying they “don’t do overnights” because of liability. So the search continues.

Going for my nap now. I haven’t really slept well at all this past week.

Woof! Love, Maggie



11 thoughts on “6/27/16 I’m not a good boarder

  1. loisajay

    Oh, Maggie! I am so sorry to hear this. My goodness, girl, but you are strong to escape your cage. I can well imagine your mom being beside herself. Guess you both need to rest and de-stress. Sweet dreams, sweetie. ❤

  2. foguth

    IMHO, the insurance industry and sue-crazy lawyers are ruining our country! However, I didn’t realize it had gotten to the point where one couldn’t even hire a dog sitter to stay over!
    Saphera isn’t fond of most other animals and/or humans, either, so she goes into a blind panic when ‘her humans’ leave … literally, a blind panic – she’s gone through a couple screens for no obvious reason.

  3. weggieboy

    That is problematic, for sure, Maggie. I was fortunate that during recent illness and rehabilitation to have friends and neighbors who knew my kitties needed food, water, and a good occasional scritching till till I could come home. I’m sorry no one was willing or able to give you the same sort of loving care at home instead of in an enclosed area. Maybe next time…! (P.S. I was sorry to read you had a fight with another dog.)

  4. beetleypete

    Good luck with the staple next week, Maggie. I have never been to boarding kennels, but I do stay with a neighbour sometimes. I don’t mind that much when it’s just one night.
    Have a lick and a tail wag from me! ((( )))

  5. noodle4president

    Oh nooooo! Poor Maggie! I’m Surrey I’m just now seeing this. Good luck getting that staple out tomorrow. Mom said she bets your mom is losing her mind with anger at the vet’s office.*ear licks* Noodle

  6. sepultura13

    Awwww…I know the feeling! I get into fights with dogs that (think that they) are bigger than me – no fun!

    I’m not a good boarder, either…the sign “Does Not Play Well With Others” should be on my fence!


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