7/4/16 Happy 4th of July!

My humans are going to a bbq party later this afternoon, and Mom says she will come home early and stay with me while Dad takes Jamie out to see fireworks. The neighbors across the way  have been blowing off half-sticks, and I’ve been having kind of a hard time with that.

My humans left for a short time yesterday and while they were gone, the booming continued. I raided the trash can and knocked things off the counter, but they weren’t really mad when they came back because they realized I was stressed out.

Mom says she is going to put me in the crate while they are at the bbq and turn on some soothing music. Normally, I would object to this, but today I think it is a good idea.

Thank you all for following my blog and Happy 4th of July to those of us here in America. Salute to our troops, past, present, and future. Freedom comes at a high price.


(this is an older pic. I still have the bruises and staple in my nose til tomorrow.)

Woof! Love, Maggie




11 thoughts on “7/4/16 Happy 4th of July!

  1. loisajay

    Soothing music sounds nice, Maggie. Glad Liz will be there with you. Some people get a little too carried away with all the fireworks. Try not to stress too much.


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