9/1/16 Pure Bliss.


Whenever I see Maggie sleeping like this, with that little smile on her face and the contented look – not even the ears are up – I wonder what she is thinking about. Looks like pure bliss to me.

Last night, she was having nightmares. She shook so hard the entire bed shook with her. I woke up and pet her, making soothing sounds. Soon she was back to sleep without further incident.

There is so much I wish she could tell me. But for now, she’s sleeping peacefully.

Goodnight, friends.


12 thoughts on “9/1/16 Pure Bliss.

  1. colinandray

    It was quite common for Ray to burst out into a “sobbing” kind of sound, or a cry of pain, in his sleep during his first year with us. Unfortunately he had “startle response” so we couldn’t touch him during those times. Like you, we often just wished that he could talk to us.


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